America Is No Longer The Land Of Opportunity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize-winning economist): “U.S. inequality is at its highest point for nearly a century. Those at the top – no matter how you slice it – are enjoying a larger share of the national pie; the number below the poverty level is growing. The gap between those with the median income and those at the top is growing, too. The U.S. used to think of itself as a middle-class country – but this is no longer true. …

“Textbooks teach us that we can have a more egalitarian society only if we give up growth or efficiency. However, closer analysis shows that we are paying a high price for inequality: it contributes to social, economic and political instability, and to lower growth. Western countries with the healthiest economies (for example those in Scandinavia) are also the countries with the highest degree of equality. …

“America used to be thought of as the land of opportunity. Today, a child’s life chances are more dependent on the income of his or her parents than in Europe, or any other of the advanced industrial countries for which there are data. The U.S. worked hard to create the American dream of opportunity. But today, that dream is a myth.”

My Comment: While egoism reigned, America was a country of great (egoistic) opportunities, but since egoism ceased its development and became a crisis, the US has entered the crisis (of egoism), and to get out of it means to correct the egoism of the individual and society to integral relationship (love and bestowal). As soon as we get down to this, we will immediately find out that we have made the only right choice.

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