Overview Of The Integral Education Course: Family Relationships

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, essentially there are no family relationships. Even if there is a family, everyone in the family feels as a separate element, independent from his or her partner. Moreover, children feel independent from their parents or at least very much want to be. And parents do not want children to burden them.

Under the rule of egoism, we have unwillingly destroyed the foundation of the family, so-called the building of the family. Therefore, we need to do something about this for the sake of our future. If today up to 70% of young people don’t want to get married and raise children, we are facing by no means a rosy prospect. I am not mentioning the fact that there will be no one to feed the aging population; we are confronting this now, especially in Europe.

We must restore the charm of family life because this doesn’t exist today! Everything is done involuntarily: Women might still want to have children, but men are passive, they want nothing.

Integral upbringing tells a person about the connection between people, leading him to connection with others. He suddenly begins to feel affection and love, feeling towards other people, and starts feeling others more than before. And today, people no longer feel each other; they just communicate via text messages.

Integral upbringing generates good feelings towards others and evokes a kind of feedback sensor: a person becomes more sensitive to how others relate to him, how he relates to how close to or distant he is from others. He begins to respond with more feelings, and thus a sense of need in other people, lost due to egoism, is awakened in him.

He feels a source of warmth, joy, success, and confidence in this, and not in closing himself in his apartment like in a shell, and providing himself with a pension, healthcare, and other programs, so that everything will be fine. The need for warmth, empathy, and mutual contact that integral upbringing cultivates in him will lead him to his desire to recreate a family.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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  1. but isn’t the point of a world kli to INCREASE the concept of family into the whole world? Tribal connections were part of egoism; the FAMILY of the whole earth must DECREASE so nature is doing this………making less and less egos want to duplicate Hence those who do, will obviously be those who inherit the earth:

    Adam shattered and became many

    now Adam is gathered and becomes ONE again…………..

  2. but I do understand the problem: If there is nobody in the developed countries who are willing to reproduce, the soul that hasn’t risen above the ego must come back through those who are reproducing, hence the third world nations who keep reproducing: This is the plight of Israel when they don’t rise above ego; more exile

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