Collapse Of The Economic Pyramid

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen society becomes more harmonious and kind, we free up a lot of resources. As people begin to treat everything properly and to keep order, we no longer need an army of guards, cleaning personnel, or repairman. A great number of needless jobs go away.

Currently, humanity is winding up the production of unnecessary things. Only the necessary things such as food, clothing, everything a person requires in our world will remain, but within reasonable limits. The economy of the rational consumption is moving towards this anyway. So, there will be a huge army of unemployed people. In any case we will have to somehow balance the population and bring it to harmony and unity. We don’t have a choice and there is no other method.

Currently the entire world economy is built on the “pyramid,” on a network of consumption, and if people stop buying, then everything collapses. This is the pyramid.

Today, we are not facing a crisis, but rather, we are standing before the collapse because the pyramid will still fall. And then what?
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 05/20/12

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