Reaching A New Level Without Any Revolutions

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll topics in the integral upbringing course address the problems existing in society. This is why the course needs to explore the problems of violence, drug addiction, and sexual perversion, that is, all that’s negative in today’s society.

It’s impossible to ignore the economic and political problems, or the problems of governance because an integral society has to rebuild itself, to organize itself in a completely different way, and hence, naturally, all of this will change. As people transform themselves, they will invisibly change social relationships themselves, which will affect all the power institutions as well.

But in the meantime, the government remains the same, and we don’t want it to pose any problems or obstacles in introducing the integral method. We have to say that we make society more even, complaisant, and that it will give the government an opportunity to manage its nation easily and think about its own well-being. And then all of it will suddenly come to a completely new level, and it will happen automatically, smoothly, without any revolutions or problems.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 5/22/2012 

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