Mutual Guarantee: “Love Covers All Sins”

Dr. Michael LaitmanHow can we correct ourselves in order to have a good, peaceful, and safe life? Otherwise, we’ll remain unemployed, with a crisis in family relationships and upbringing, and with problems in everyday life. We arrived at the point where the absence of mutual understanding and concern became the determining factor of our destiny. All of humanity is like one family, but this family is dysfunctional.

That’s why we are talking about the reconciliation that needs to happen with the help of a third force. When problems arise between spouses, they seek the help of a professional psychologist (it’s fashionable now to have a personal psychologist), who then gradually brings them closer to each other. He or she talks to each of them separately, talks to both of them together, asks questions, explains the situation, and obliges them interact and open themselves up to each other. He helps them to first understand themselves and then to understand their partner.

And then it becomes clear to each of them that even if they are opposite to the other, it’s worthwhile to make mutual concessions. And so one doesn’t lay out every complaint, and the other forgives and concedes in the things that he or she doesn’t like, as it is said that “Love covers all sins.”

We understand mutual “sins” since we are all egoists by nature and don’t take anyone else into consideration. But if it’s clear to us that there is no other choice, whether in a family life, in industry, or in ecology, then out of helplessness we’ll accept the method that will help us connect to each other. This method is purely psychological: talking to each other in order to better know and understand a person’s character or the peculiarities of an entire nation—to talk and not to be ashamed, to speak openly, like intelligent grown up people.

Yes, we are different, but we need to unite above the differences, without suppressing anyone or reproaching for unpleasant tendencies and properties. Everyone has them, but we rise above them and say: “Love covers all sins.” Sins exist, but gradually, out of love, we stop paying attention to them!

It’s the way a mother considers her child to be the most wonderful, the most beautiful. She is incapable of seeing anything bad or unworthy in him because love blinds her and she sees only the best in him. And even though there is bad in him too, she doesn’t notice it. But conversely, in a neighbor’s child she sees the negative and not the positive part because she has no love for him. But as soon as she feels love for him, she won’t be able to see anything bad even in him, but only good.

We see this in life. If you tell a mother about flaws in her child’s character or behavior, she won’t agree with that. She will either completely justify him or deny everything altogether because she truly doesn’t see anything bad in him. This is what we call, “love covers all sins.”

Likewise, one gradually comes towards the mutual guarantee that we need to reach. There is no choice, and we are beginning to examine and study each other from afar. But from the beginning, this study needs to be aimed at building the connection of love above the differences.

That is, we make concessions in advance, and then we get an opportunity to also unite on a level of feeling. And when we come closer, the world becomes peaceful and secure. We aren’t afraid to let our children play outside by themselves since any person will look after them no worse than us, and we’ll care this way for others. If we dream and imagine a good society, then of course it has to be a society in which the law of mutual guarantee is observed.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 5, 1/5/12

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