Through Integral Upbringing To Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe further we develop, the clearer it becomes that with each year we sink into an ever-deepening crisis. And the problem isn’t just the economy; there are other crises as well that we’ve failed to resolve over many years. Some areas have been mired in crisis for decades now: drugs, depression, ecology, upbringing, and family.

The common explanation to all these problems is the lack of correct connection between us, which manifests on all levels: international, national, and family. This is why right now it is mandatory to have knowledge of the system of our interconnection which obliges us to establish good relationships between ourselves and not just sign some agreements on a piece of paper about peace, trade, or production.

This resembles a marriage contract that only exists on paper: People live together in one house, but there is no emotional, inner contact between them; they simply exist in a shared space. In this case, they very quickly reach a point when they can no longer tolerate this situation and are forced to separate.

In order to avoid bringing humanity to a world war and explosion of egoism, it’s necessary for every person to see the connection between us and to understand that today this connection must flow from heart to heart.

By observing nature, we see how wisely everything is arranged in it: All of its parts, from enormous faraway stars to the tiniest of particles, everything forms a single system. With the development of science, we discover the existence of this integral connection and reciprocity more and more. And if it ever happens that we violate a certain area, this provokes thousands of consequences in our life.

This happens in human society even more obviously. This is why our success depends only on that correct connection between us, called mutual guarantee: Each individual feels that they are dependent on everyone, and all depend on each individual.

In accordance with this, new social and international laws need to be established, new norms of relationships between people, within a family, in a workplace, in public places, and even when a person is alone: Everyone needs to take care of our big family. Ultimately, we are all living in one place and are connected even more than members of a family, who live in the same house.

This dependence gives a person more than the sense of security, prosperity, and well-being. After all, he or she is among people who wish them well. If the world becomes a single family, I have no fear, no shame, and generally am not worried or afraid of anything. The whole world is mine, I breathe with ease, and in any place, be it on a street, in a store, or while traveling, I feel like I am at home.

And here we need to understand the importance of upbringing. To make a person see, agree with, and realize such attitude towards other people is very big and important work. And now humanity is entering the epoch where it will be required to perform correction and ascend to the level of Human, that is, to resemble the image of Human that we form all together.

I hope that the development of integral upbringing will allow people to see evidence in nature, science, and life, which will convince them to join this process and start changing under the influence of knowledge and practical exercises. Then we’ll be able to reach the bright and kind world, at the threshold of which we are already standing now.

The wonderful thing about it is that a person who is connected to other people begins to feel life through them. Indeed, if I love my child, it’s as if I am with him anywhere he is, I enjoy everything that brings him pleasure, and I feel everything he does.

It turns out that as soon as I begin to connect this way to the world, I receive an impression from it, and knowledge and sensation of all the people in the world appear in me. I broaden my life so much that I no longer live inside of myself but in them! And here I touch a certain eternal point within me, the ability to feel life outside my body to the measure of my inclusion into everyone within the framework of the system of mutual guarantee. We’ll hope that we will manage to achieve this!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 5, 1/5/12

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