Learning To Make Concessions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we transition a person from the state of cerebral perception of this idea onto a level of feelings through which he would be willing to concede?

Answer: It’s only possible on the condition that a person sees and therefore feels, relying on a large number of examples, just to what extent he or she is connected with others and depends on them, how he doesn’t have any choice, and how good it is to be in a correct connection with others. In other words, a person needs to see what he gains and what he loses. This is the phase of persuasion.

Afterwards, we move onto practical exercises with groups of people. These need to include questions and answers, games, songs, and films: We need to guide a person through the emotional perceptions for and against mutual guarantee and unification, to show them, in a real way, what can result from implementing or failing to implement these principles. This is the second phase.

In the third phase we need to use what we refer to as “habit becomes second nature.” We already spoke about this in our previous talks. If a person gets used to taking others into consideration and being connected by mutual guarantee in a small group, then gradually, by studying this and realizing that it’s beneficial to him or her, the person transfers this to an ever-wider circle of people until he attains the state where he perceives the entire world as one common circle.

We need to engage the scientists who speak about this in scientific terms in cooperation with us. They explain from the perspective of nature about what’s happening now and what will happen in any given scenario, just like a doctor who says: “You have a certain illness and only this medicine will help you. But this medicine is attainable.” It is difficult indeed, but a person is prepared to give everything for their life.

We need to utilize the force of the environment, which can convince a person of anything. I can start calling black, white. If there would be 20 people standing next to me and over 20 hours they’d be convincing me that this is white, I will start thinking that it is in fact white. My brain will alter the program and as a consequence of external persuasion, I begin to see that this is white! There are practical confirmations of this.

The influence of the environment on a person changes his or her properties, changes anything that we’ve gotten used to. We didn’t know what we were seeing and what was happening around us, this is something we were taught! And now we only need to understand that a person can be taught anything. It’s difficult to erase one’s stereotypes, but we don’t do that, we only correct within him or her, their egoistic distortion so that by using bestowal towards others, he would receive enjoyment himself.

Ultimately, he will receive a sure egoistic gain, and how could it even be otherwise?! He is being taken care of, being promised all that is best; he just needs to make concessions for that, but so what? You need to pay for everything in life. Actually, this isn’t even that great of a concession, since as soon as a person begins to relate to another with goodness and love, he begins to enjoy the fact that he is giving.

A person shouldn’t constantly be feeling pressure and stress: “I have no way out, I will treat you well even though it requires great emotional force and internal exertions…” Not at all!  We need to create such mass media, such external influences on a person, that he would change, and suddenly it would be easy for him! He will begin to enjoy the fact that he is treating you well. He will discover that he is in a wonderful world! Everyone treats him well, and he is good to all!

We need to transfer from the rails of coercion onto the tracks of voluntary participation, to learn to concede, at first forcibly, and then out of our own will and desire.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 5, 1/5/12

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