The Method Of Recovery

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe develop special education and upbringing programs because we need to bring them to all people who exit the labor market and become unemployed. We must gather these people, unite them, and instead of employment, supply them with education that will become their new job.

That is, a person should work two hours a day (if at all) and the rest of the time dedicate to studying. All of us should again sit behind the desk and become students. Our unemployment benefits should not be called such but rather a scholarship, and we must strive for everyone to have a sufficient standard of living.

That, in general, is the society we have to come to very soon, otherwise various protest movements will become a huge obstacle in the world. Young people, especially in countries with high rates of unemployment such as Spain, where the unemployment rate reached 50%, can no longer return to work and go back to studying. They rapidly lose interest in life, in the rest of the world and become very inert. Entire cities, such as Detroit in the US, where industries go bankrupt, simply become ghost-cities: Vandalism, poverty, and drugs flourish there. Such cities are not few in the world.

The problem is that today humanity doesn’t yet understand that it has to re-educate itself to lift itself up to the integral, global level offered to us by nature. We have to achieve a state of mutual balance with it, and then we will feel a great release of energy and opportunities. Each person and the entire humanity will indeed achieve the state of fulfillment. This is humanity’s goal today. This is what is taught by the method of integral upbringing, which is applicable to both children and adults.

A part of the method of integral studies is called “Integral Education.” It describes the integral state of a family: how families, family dynamics, and children’s upbringing should be arranged.

We raise children not even knowing how to bring them up correctly. Young people who have children don’t know what to do with them. Only many years later do they begin to realize how many mistakes they made as young parents.

Family economics and the whole process of historic development, egoism as the foundation of our society, the correctly formed egoism and correct interaction between people as the foundation of new society of integral interaction between us, all of it comprises a part of the method called “Integral Education.”

The other part of the method, “Integral Upbringing”, concerns itself with changing man himself, transforming him from a narrow-minded egoist into a human being who can integrally relate to society, people, and environment.

The fact is that a person is formed under the influence of his environment; his only free will lies in choosing which group or society to join. Accordingly, when he joins a certain society, he begins to change; that is what changes us. The only thing we can do for ourselves is to change ourselves under the influence of a certain society surrounding us.

When we create around a person a group of people who want to change integrally, they exert upon him a certain influence. Together with them he begins to transform and see what it means to live in an integral, global society that nature brings forward as a condition for our future existence.

It turns out that man in this little society, in this little group begins to reveal absolutely new forces of nature. Through the connection between us we begin to feel the concealed force of nature—the force of bestowal, the force of cooperation, some additional force. We begin to sense nature through our new integral sense organ.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/22/12, Preliminary Lesson

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