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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe main article of the Kabbalistic method is “There Is None Else Besides Him.” This article is the fine-tuning of our point in the heart, our aspiration to reveal nature, its highest eternal perfect harmony, integrality, and globality, in which everything is interconnected and represents one general whole picture.

Typically, in our world we cannot grasp everything in our individual egoism. We break nature in a vast array of sciences (there are 184 sciences). This does not exist in nature. We simply cannot learn everything at once. We divide nature into some “slices” and study biology, zoology, geology, astronomy, and so on, in general, a great number of sciences.

Our individuality, our egoism is very narrow, so it can absorb only something concrete, but it cannot perceive nature as a whole, holistically. And that is why we cannot feel this general picture and the integral force egoistically, through our corporeal senses. We do not feel it; it does not enter our sensory organs.

To do this we need to develop a new sensory organ that will include, of course, all the previous ones, but will also have the ability to experience absolutely everything at once and together, as a single whole. This is how we should attune ourselves. That is, instead of looking left, right, up, down, precisely according to the coordinates, directing our egoism at a specific phenomenon, we, on the contrary, remove the entire focus, the entire egoism, and try to see nature as it is. This is the essence of attunement.

A group and special methods exist for this. Tuning ourselves this way, we suddenly begin to feel that by removing the egoistic focus from the world, we start looking at it simply, openly, not wanting to grab something from it, and leaving ourselves for the world. We do not limit ourselves by our body, five senses, understanding, and limited ability of perception of everything that exists in nature. Then, we begin to feel that, indeed, we are surrounded by a great force—general, eternal, and perfect, which is called nature, or the Creator.

It has nothing to do with religions, beliefs, or mysticism. This is only a method that helps a person rise above his narrow attitude towards the world and look at it without the limitations of time, space, and movement, that is, it shows how to get beyond the area of our nature so that the body does not restrict us.

To achieve this, we try to organize into groups, where mutual help between friends gives us an opportunity to exit ourselves and start feeling something outside of our body, as if I am not in the body. And indeed, starting to feel ourselves not in the body, we get an idea of what it means to live outside the body.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 3

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