Information About The Most Sacred

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A normal person living in today’s world is only concerned with corporeal matters. What will make him join the integral upbringing courses if he finds it difficult to study? After all, he has to acquire a lot of different knowledge. What can we do to make a person interested?

Answer: I don’t think that it should be difficult because we are teaching a person about himself, his life, and the society he lives in. We present him with a practical teaching about what he sees and where he exists. We don’t teach him anything theoretical.

A problem in education arises when you teach a person theoretically about laws and actions that he doesn’t see or have anything to do with. Or he might even see it when you show him a certain device and explain how it works, but he doesn’t understand.

In our case, you show everything to a person simply and clearly, like to a child: This is mother, this is father, a child, grandma, supermarket, work, and so on. You show him the interaction of the entire system, how corrupt it is, and how nature is demanding integrality and globalization from us. You teach him about the body: How the body operates, where the problems lie, when the body goes out of balance (the cause of all illnesses), and how we bring it back into balance with the help of certain chemicals because ultimately, we are simply “bags of electrons.”

You explain to a person where he exists and what he is. Any person can relate to this, and that’s why I don’t think that anyone will have any difficulty with integral upbringing courses. Even our children are able to perceive this knowledge as something natural and comprehend it quickly.

Here we’re talking about a person’s soul. This is the closest and most sacred thing to him. If we show the picture of the person’s own nature correctly, he senses and understands it.

He understands that something important is being described, that this is about him. Moreover, he is being explained how to get rid of all negative sensations and problems and to reach something that can’t be obtained with money or effort, but only through connecting to integral upbringing—not education but upbringing.

Upbringing means going over the study material in an open discourse with mutual questions and answers. This takes place in a relaxed environment, in a form of an open discussion.

I doubt that there’s anyone in the world who isn’t able to learn something about himself through this kind of interaction. Also, we’re preparing a lot of different information for these courses, such as music, poetry, books, novels, movies, and video clips, which carry short verbal and written explanations.

I haven’t seen any examples where a person wasn’t able to perceive this. On the contrary, in contrast to other teachings and sciences, this information will be perceived by people as something that relates to them personally.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #14, 12/18/11

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