Nature Can Handle This; Give It A Chance

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (form EurekAlert): “Mitsch, an environment and natural resources professor at Ohio State University, has led the effort to compare the behavior of two experimental marshes on campus – one that was planted in 1994 with wetland vegetation and another that was left to colonize plant and animal life on its own.

“The two wetlands now contain nearly the same number of plant species, and almost 100 more species than existed 15 years ago. When the two marshes were created, researchers planted 13 common wetland species in one marsh and left the other to develop naturally. Water from the nearby Olentangy River has been continually pumped into both marshes at rates designed to mimic water flow in a freshwater river wetland setting.”

My Comment: All this suggests that the initial conditions are not important: The main thing is to allow wetlands to develop naturally. We have the opportunity to return to nature: If we leave it alone, limit ourselves to the necessities of life, in a few years, we will find ourselves in a healthy world again.

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