Science Isn’t The Truth, But The Search

Dr. Michael LaitmanSince we perceive the world in our consciousness, we perceive only part of the surrounding world and only to the extent that our consciousness can perceive and feel it as a general picture—in our view (Partzuf), in our ten Sefirot. And because the Reshimot (the informational genes) and, consequently, the Partzuf (the vessel in which we sense the world) are constantly changing inside us, it seems that the world is also changing. All our study of the world is relative to our attributes. Therefore, whatever we feel and research in our sensations we perceive as the truth.

Based on the previous states (Partzufim), we make assumptions about future states. Theoretical scientific assumptions are also based on that. We call them “the models of the world.” This means that science is a method of models and can therefore be mistaken. If we are mistaken in our understanding of the world, that is, if we cannot build the right model based on our Reshimo (our internal data of development), we find ourselves in a world that we don’t understand. If we continue to regard it according to the previous models, we fail, experience crises and even disasters.

We must constantly build new notions (models) of the world. Otherwise we will come into conflict, opposition to what surrounds us and will feel a negative response from nature and society. The problem is that the egoism manages us, and we want to create models of the world that will please it, and not models that will reflect the world the way it is revealed to us (in the Reshimot). We are convinced that our assumptions are correct and do not want to acknowledge that it is our egoism that pushes us to such perception of the world.

We have to acknowledge the fact that the stage of our development that we have reached does not allow us to follow our distorted image of the world blindly. In fact, we must rise above our egoistic nature in order to perceive our development correctly and build the right models of a new world.

To do that, the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed to us. It explains how we should feel this world correctly and objectively, above our egoism. Then we will stop foolishly fighting nature; instead, we will understand its wholeness and sublimity and together with it rise to perfection.

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