The Secret Of The Collective Mind

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does the Creator arrange all the situations for the billions of people in the world in each and every moment?

Answer: It’s reasonable to assume that you have seen how birds or fish move in flocks and schools. In the sea there are millions of fish communities, and all of them are in synchronized and compatible movement. It looks like they all have one common mind; indeed, they are connected to each other. Also birds don’t fly following the first bird, but fly together at the same time. Watch the clip Birds by my student Vladek Zankovsky.

When tigers go hunting, they maintain constant connection between themselves and feel each other in the same common movement. What one tree in the forest feels, the others feel, and we are not talking about the connection through a system of roots, and in general, not a physical connection. And in nature a society produces a special mind, a special sensation of common order. And this mechanism operates equally in everyone, and it’s not limited in distance, time, or in any other way.

Billions of people in the world exist under the influence of this collective mind that rules them as His parts. They do not exist on their own. All of them are activated by their desires, which are in the care of the upper force, the Light. One command is enough from Above and everyone begins to move.

You see, the Creator is the thought of creation. When I think about building a house, I first of all organize all the specifications, draft a blueprint, and only after that do I approach the building according to the plan. It’s the same with the thought of creation and all in all, it’s this plan that operates everything. We are absolutely subordinate to it.

The movements and changes in our desires and feelings, the actions, the thoughts and imaginations, all of these are not us. At the end of it all, it is feeling, meaning that which is felt in the desire to receive, that’s my “I.” Disconnect me from the feeling and I will lose all consciousness, I will disappear.

Each one of us is a small desire to receive which feels his reality. There is no substance; the substance is the desire. Thus there is no problem in managing the billions. Indeed, all of it is one system, one whole. A small change, changes everyone, like a school of fish.

The collective mind exists in every group: at the level of animate, vegetative, and inanimate nature. It also exists at the speaking level, only here we want and must create this connection on our own above our desire, in spite of our desire. And only then will we create the connection with the collective mind, the upper one.

On a large scale, psychologists and experts are familiar with the phenomenon of the collective mind: Governments use it at the animate level to form public opinion. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to control the country. And this doesn’t happen only in the form of demonstrations and other mass events, but also on the daily level through the media, through rumors that are purposely spread as if by chance. There are many channels of influence, and every government is well familiar with them.

From here we need to understand that the group is one whole, one desire, one thought, and no one can escape it. We see how ants surrender to the collective mind, but actually people also act according to the same principle. Go out into the street, and then watch the news broadcasts and look at the things from afar, and then the next day you’ll be convinced of it. When a person goes out in the street and becomes part of the whole, he already loses the control of himself. He runs along with everyone else, shouts together with them, and surrenders to the collective mind.

From this we see what the connection is. If we connect, a common force is created, a common desire, a common thought. And each one who is found in this framework, under this influence, is not able to exit it. You can escape this only on condition that you break the boundary of the group. In order to do that you need to receive such a great strength that it’s able to break the mutual connection of the group, similar to the way the particle accelerator breaks the connection between the particles. You must receive such an acceleration that allows you to break the borders of the defensive covering, and that’s not simple at all.

On the basis of this principle, groups are created that assist the person to become rehabilitated from addiction to alcohol and drugs: We try to erect this force of connection, the potential of the collective mind, against the potential of the force of destruction. Actually, it isn’t even a common brain. It isn’t composed from the connection between the various minds of the friends of the group. The common mind of the million fish isn’t the total of the minds of each and every one times a million.

No, what’s created here is a mind, which exceeds the every term by a million times greater. From where does it come? It comes from the connection between them. After they connect, they add to their connection the force of the Creator, and now He accompanies them in each movement.

Thus, the mind that is discovered above everyone is not our common mind meaning that everyone thinks the same thing. This mind governs us from Above. It isn’t resulting from us. But we, in our connection, invite onto ourselves the upper providence. And this happens at each level of nature.

In a similar way, revolutions occur. Suddenly everything bursts into this fire that the government is not able to stand up to it. Seemingly that isn’t clear: It isn’t difficult to oppose the commotion with force. But no, the leaders suddenly feel helpless, “impotent.” We are speaking more of the feeling of the upper force that is above the nation which they constantly degraded. Something higher is revealed here, not something lower. And it isn’t important how many people go out into the streets, their inner potential suddenly rises to the sky, and the leaders surrender.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/6/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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  1. there are laws of creation,and there are laws we did make bu our own needs and knowledge,the monetary system,the laws of creation and our monetary system are fighting each other until we achieve final correction,thats it…

  2. Yes and yes again!!!!! I see this in the African American Community in America over and over again. The group willingness to believe that the “The Whites are the cause of our problems” This mindset is killing a whole generation who refuse to see or be responsible for creating a mindset that is infecting the whole with a poverty mentality. what can I do if anything to change this? we are going prison by the thousands because of this help please!!!!!

  3. United We Stand; Divided We Fall……

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