Radiance From The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the general course on integral upbringing it is said that any action should begin with an overall integral picture set as a goal before a person. Most likely, a psychology course is no exception. It follows, then, that we should start any activity precisely with that? What is the best way to do it?

Answer: It’s important to note that this isn’t just advice but a fundamental necessity. A person should always be pursuing a goal and stay focused on it so that his every movement, expression, or engagement in certain games or discussions, everything would be directed towards the same goal.

Then he or she will truly strive towards it and develop a strong desire for it. He will see that everything has to be aimed at its achievement. That’s on one hand.

On the other hand, since there exists one unified field in nature within which we’re all interconnected, when we set a certain objective for ourselves and conceptually imagine our future state, it’s as if we summon upon ourselves the “attractive” forces from this future state, forces that propel us forward. It’s as if they stem from the object that we aspire towards and act upon us.

This is a purely psychological phenomenon: We understand that generally speaking, this doesn’t exist. Possibly even our notion of the future doesn’t correspond to its actual image: In the process of our advancement we gradually change, and consequently, our vision of the future changes too.

Similarly, we say to a child: “You will grow up and become this or that—just keep studying. You’ll see what will happen.” He gradually grows and begins to understand that while earlier he imagined that he is a driver of a giant dump truck, right now different goals appear as desirable. We paint certain images of the future for him so that he would develop them further into different, higher goals.

Similarly, we need to constantly imagine this picture towards which we, like a child, need to grow so it would beckon us forward. Then we won’t be pushed from behind by negative forces of nature, by crises, but on the contrary, we’ll move forward propelled by positive forces. In doing so, we will shorten the path and it will be pleasant for us.

This is why we need a vision of a bright, good future, which is supported by our environment, elevated in the eyes of society through mass media, and so on. Then a person will acquire enormous strength and inspiration. Meanwhile, society will encourage everyone who strives towards the goal.

We need to develop a broad psychological foundation that will draw a person in like a stream and carry him, and then he would gladly be swimming along with the current.

Question: When I am teaching a course on integral psychology, should I introduce an element of integrality into every regularity being explained?

Answer: Yes, because movement towards the goal assumes that on every segment of the path you are gradually achieving, approaching it closer. That is, if the goal represents a particular collection of some new qualities, then any step towards it assumes a mastery of these qualities, and you need to control that. You need to perform an analysis and observe: Did I move towards it, or did I suddenly deviate somewhere.

A sideward deviation is very dangerous. If you don’t notice your digression at the very beginning, this tiny deviation will grow into an enormous transgression, and you will never reach the goal because you will continue to diverge from it.
From “Lessons About the New World” #8, 12/15/12

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Is It The Theory Of Everything Or Is Everything In Theory?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The famous scientist, Stephen Hawking, together with a group of other scientists believe that our three dimensional world is “under water,” the fourth dimension is “above water,” and we must learn to “swim” together. They call it the “Theory of Everything.”

On the whole, they speak about eleven dimensions that can be described as eleven walls. The clash between these walls is what caused the big bang. Among the scientists who hold this perspective are those who took part in the particle accelerator project. What can we say about that?

Answer: I certainly don’t underestimate the results of scientific research. On the contrary, I follow and consider them seriously.

Where do all these theories come from? The point is that our egoistic desire constantly changes its form under the influence of the Light that Reforms. When it changes, it discovers different theories, concepts, and perceptions within it. We are not so interested in this, except for the chance to check if humanity is advancing toward the truth. Is it feeling its way toward it in the dark?

As of today, scientists are facing a wall, one wall, not eleven walls. If they wish to continue studying nature, they must change. The accelerator should be inside a person. We call it “hastening time,” “accelerating time,” and “shortening the way.” This accelerator is formed with the help of the group when the friends receive the power of the Light and when they can really use it.

Scientists don’t have the means, although they already have tried everything. The diameter of the ring of the accelerator is more than 26 km. Yet, even if it were 26 million km, what of it? They will find more particles and new data, and what then?

In order to understand nature, we need the second force that is in it, but scientists don’t have that force. They are constantly trying to come to conclusions and learn one part from another, which is impossible. I’ve heard of String Theory, the Theory of Everything, and similar things when I began studying science. These theories stem from the constant growth of our ego that constantly invents new things. It gradually approaches the truth, but at the same time, remains egoistic and doesn’t change internally, qualitatively.

Therefore, science in general and physics in particular have reached a dead end. There is no real progress anymore. There are a few areas that we haven’t cracked yet, such as genetics for example. However, there, too, it is more about technologies than about attaining the essence of different phenomena.

Humanity is facing a comprehensive crisis. Therefore, if we don’t reveal the second force, the force of the Light, and don’t learn how to work together, nothing will help us. After all, scientists perform experiments on a very low level. Suppose they cause a collision of elementary particles, but don’t study the other part of the general system that is the much larger part, the part that manages everything.

I also like to watch science programs on TV, but generally speaking, science has reached its end.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/2012, “Preface to The Book of Zohar”

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The Last Chance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can we do to prepare for the Arava convention?

Answer: Try to imagine that this is your last chance. It isn’t about the corporeal life that many are ready to give up. Half of the world’s population would happily push a button that would enable them to die painlessly if they could. People are not afraid of dying, but of the process of dying.

Therefore, we have to oblige ourselves to think about the conditions we are given today. After our conventions, after the preparation and the connection, there is simply no way back. The entire world worries about its future and doesn’t know what to expect. It is helpless in the face of the developing crisis. If we don’t find the power to connect, we will not be able to help ourselves or the world. If we fail, we will not end corporeal life, but spiritual life.

The women must understand this. They should worry about us and put pressure on us. The men, too, must understand this. We must rise above everything that separates us, above all the arguments and the misunderstandings, above the quarrels and the conflicts. In fact, they can stay the same—this will enable us to rise above them even more. A person grows only in resisting the growing egoism. So, as far as we are concerned, let the ego grow even more. All we need is endurance, and then we will succeed time after time.

I am optimistic. We have power in Israel and throughout the world. Even if several groups experience hardships, eventually everything will work out. This is our way. It is the same as with the childhood diseases that we cannot escape. What is more, they strengthen us and make us immune for life.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/2012, “Preface to The Book of Zohar”

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The Unbearable Burden Of Absolute Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator treats the created being with absolute goodness and full bestowal, but if the created being felt this attitude, he would have no chance to do anything by himself; he would have nothing to add to that. This would beat him and calm him down.

Therefore, there is the system of concealment that hides the good and benevolent Light and weakens it so that a person can have free will. Then the absolute love, the good attitude, doesn’t paralyze the created being, but rather gives him a chance to add his attitude and his work.

If the Light were revealed in its full intensity carrying the goodness and the delight, a person wouldn’t have a single desire left, and he wouldn’t be able to move or to change in any way. So he wouldn’t feel himself and his existence at all.

This is why we act within the concealment; this is the Creator’s first concern in His attitude towards the created being: to hide Himself in order to give the created being the entire world of Infinity. It’s thanks to the fact that the Light is concealed that a person can acquire the world of Infinity and become the master in it, the manager, its filler and its creator. Thus, a person attains the same level of wholeness, which he calls the “good and the benevolent” towards the Creator.

All this is possible because of the concealment of the absolute love that comes to the created being from the Creator. To the extent that a person can bear this absolute love, when he prepares himself in advance to not be paralyzed by the revelation of the love, to this extent this love is revealed.

All this is only the revelation of the love:  Although there are many spiritual levels and very different states, the principle here is only the revelation of the darkness and the Light, and all this is the revelation of absolute love, from which the creation begins and ends. All the other states exist only for its revelation.

On every step of the ladder, a person should reveal this absolute love to a certain extent, according to his vessels (desires), because there is no measure of the world of Infinity or of any other world, level, or state. Everything is measured only according to the desires of the created being.

If a person attains even the smallest filling, if this filling is whole, it seems like the world of Infinity to him because it becomes his world. When he rises to the next level, he sees that the previous state was small, and again the present state seems like a whole world to him. When he comes to its end, it seems that he is in the world of Infinity and that there is nothing to add because he has attained absolute love on that level. But he should see in what way this love isn’t whole yet.

Here there is the concept of the three lines, and the division to the head, the inside, and the end (RoshTochSof) of the spiritual Partzuf because of which not all the desires are incorporated in the connection between the Creator and the created being, and there are still real desires to receive left (AHP de Yerida), the stony heart (Lev Ha Even).” So clearly, absolute love has not yet been attained. Still, part of it is felt at the end of every level.

Essentially, the created being should constantly work according to “keep away from evil and do good.” To do good means to try to do the hardest work: to see where one can add more love. This is the hardest thing because it’s where you have to work directly with the desires.

Every level has its problems, its world, and its results. But we should always remember that all the states we go through in our corporeal and spiritual life stem from the Creator’s absolute love and the need to fully reveal it to us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/2012, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Joy In The Desert

At the Arava ConventionQuestion: Before the upcoming Arava convention, should the group outline the desire, the feeling of deficiency, that is closer to the higher degree?

Answer: We don’t need the feeling of deficiency. We have to yearn for perfection, and from that we will arrive at the right deficiency. We are going with songs and joy; we are drawn to connection and to mutual guarantee, and to everything that is concealed in this higher degree.

No one intends to sit and cry, having covered his head with ashes.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot” 

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