The BRICS Will Not Save Europe

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “ “Nothing has changed after the G20 meeting in Cannes. The BRICS countries forgot about the commitments made in Cannes.

“Today, China is standing behind the choices made by the developing countries, and it is the only country that dared to speak directly. The West chose not to comment on this step backwards.

“‘Europe should not expect that Beijing will give a significant portion of foreign currency reserves to save the heavily indebted countries,’ noted Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying. The Old World can remain a market for China’s exports. And if China is not going to invest in Europe, it is hard to imagine that India, Russia, Brazil, or South Africa will.

“These countries are now much more interested in supporting growth and development within their national boundaries. …They are convinced that European imports will not be resumed any time soon, regardless of their help.”

My Comment: Only the common solution to the global crisis is feasible—towards integration in everything, above all the differences, in the name of salvation, which is only in mutual guarantee of all inhabitants of the Earth.

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