Is It A “Special Way” Again?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Sergei Kurginyan, political scientist, from “The path of modern development, which the West has been taking for 500 years, is over. It was a great path, but today humanity has completed it. We need a different path.

“The only country in the world that is familiar with it is Russia. We have a real live experience. After all, the Soviet Union was developing. But the valuable experience of the USSR is banned. I know that the world has accumulated great contempt towards Russia for rejecting itself—in India, China, and Vietnam.

“But at the same time, there is a hope that the Russians are about to wake up and invent something new again. Of course, they may commit follies, and then the world would steal these ideas and improve them. And when that hope dies, Russia will be finally sentenced.”

My Comment: I am personally in favor of taking experience from the former USSR and building a new integral society and humanity, but certainly with a preliminary implementation of integral education and upbringing for everyone. Specifically the lack of education and upbringing of the population and replacing its conscious participation with a forceful one under the red terror created all the prerequisites for the failure of the great communist idea.

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