Germany – Weather And Financial Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “Exotic plants in Germany are turning green and strawberries are being harvested in November. Drought in the fall is a rare occurrence. The national park is burning in Bavaria. Fire is destroying unique forests, the Rhine has become so shallow that there are places where it can be crossed without getting feet wet.

“Traffic arteries have gone dry, ships are not able to transport the ordered shipments. Flocks of disoriented ducks are circling in the sky, who should have gone South a long time ago—and  nothing points to the fact that there are floods and stormy winds 300 kilometers to the North.”

My Comment: Bavarians have nothing to worry about: Global warming is already being replaced with global cooling, the peak of the warming of the planet has already passed, and now the cooling will begin. Though honestly, no one knows how it will progress as there is a large amount of greenhouse gasses….

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