From Little Sparks To The Light Of Unlimited Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Letter No. 9, Article “But Man Will Sell His Roof”: If I really wish to love my neighbor, I need a group.

Love for one’s neighbor allows man to develop a spiritual quality where he seems to “exit himself.” All of our current actions and perceptions are built on our absorbing everything. We only perceive what enters our senses, and we do not perceive the enormous universe that remains outside of their limits. We do not even know what it is like.

This is why there is another possibility for existence besides this short and flawed life that we perceive in the quality to receive. This existence is in the bestowing organs of perception, not the absorbing ones.

When we acquire the quality to bestow, we enter an area that exists outside of us, and we begin to exist in it. We only need our physical body to overcome this potential barrier and come out of the quality to receive into the quality to bestow.

For this reason, I need a group, which was created for me to see how every friend makes an effort. Making mutual efforts helps every one of us. The environment influences man, inspires, guides, and pushes him forward. This gives the strength to overcome the potential barrier between our world and the so-called “other” world that can be experienced in the quality of bestowal.

Due to this, my small force of love, when I come out of myself and enter the state of bestowal, grows, and I will be able to work in the name of others much more than on my own.

A group is made up of certain people. And of course, someone wished to create this specific group.

In other words, people gather together who are inclined to strive to come out of themselves. They feel that they must understand why they exist, to understand the meaning of life and the secret of creation. This pushes them to unite. To be more precise, they are not being pushed by their own desires, but by being in a single field: the field of the quality to bestow, the upper Light that exists outside of us and attracts these special desires.

And he must have chosen these people because they are ready for the task. We instinctively search for a group, feel certain special qualities of people, their actions and thoughts, and we advance this way.

We move in this world just like an electric charge in an electric or magnetic field toward a point of maximum correspondence to the environment. Even though we think that we move autonomously, we are driven by this specific force that pushes us forward toward the place where we can receive answers to all the questions that interest us, in other words, where we can acquire fulfillment to our biggest, inner, and secret desire.

This is why every one of us has a spark of exiting himself, a spark of love for his neighbor. Truthfully, it is still egoistic and manifests in our desire to come out of ourselves in order to consume that other world. For now, we are still moving in his exact key.

But then an interesting change of intention will happen. We will begin to change under the influence of this field, this Light. We will begin to feel that the quality to bestow is actually divine and special. Once we possess this quality, we will really come out into the most unlimited field of existence.

This spark, on its own, is unable to ignite the flame of love to shine in every one of us. It is necessary for these sparks to unify for this. Then, in our unity, when we develop the power of bestowal, the power of unity, these sparks merge into one big spark from which the Light appears. The perception of the Light appears in us to the extent of our similarity to the one common spark, our common desire to bestow.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/27/2011

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