Conditions For The Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanEach time I connect more strongly with the friends, I actually connect not to corporeal people, not to the friends I see before me, but with their internal desire. The Creator inserted this desire into them and prepared it for us on the ladder of spiritual degrees so that we will always have the means to ascend.

If I connect to my friends, I can rise with their help. When I connect to them again, I rise again. The first state is me at my present level, and in order to rise from it, I need to have a greater desire. Also, I need to draw the Light to this desire so that it will correct me. There are two important factors on my way: the group that increases my desire, and the Light that corrects this desire. Thus I rise to the next level.

Conditions For The Ascent

The first preliminary condition is “make yourself a Rav (a teacher),” meaning to raise the goal in my eyes. Without the greatness of the goal I cannot start working with the friends.

But in order to increase the goal, I also need the friends. By myself, I cannot exalt the goal and want to attain bestowal and equivalence to the general force of bestowal that governs all of creation. In order to do that I must be impressed by the environment. Thus the environment is a preliminary requirement.

Then, I have to receive a greater desire from them in order to attain that goal since the fact that the goal is important doesn’t necessarily mean that I would yearn for it. I envy the friends who yearn for this goal, and I take this desire from them. Then I have to work on my connection with them, “to buy them,” by investing my powers in them so that I can the draw the Light that reforms through them.

Thus, all the work, on every level, is possible only within the group! It is only with the help of our powerful connection that we can go through all these levels and attain the goal. From the beginning to the end, what determines the interaction between the environment and me is my work in the group.

Therefore, the condition “make yourself a teacher and buy yourself a friend” is essential for all our actions at every level until the actual end of correction. All our work is around that, all of our internal, personal, and social life, and our study and dissemination is devoted to that. It is all meant only in order to reinforce the environment and its effect on me, to bring me closer to the environment so that I can invest more in it.

So when we assemble without being on the spiritual levels where there is no distance between us, when we connect, see, and feel each other with our ordinary senses, we have to try to be impressed by the desires of the friends, by their stature, great efforts, seriousness, and devotion to the cause.

The higher we perceive these attributes, the greater the opportunity we will have to connect and to demand the upper Light to correct our connection and become revealed in it in the form of the Inner Light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/2011, Writings of Rabash

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