Every Point In The Circle Is A Peak

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The upper Partzufim dress one on top of the other like the rungs of a ladder where there is always an upper and a lower. Does the same structure exist in the group, or is everyone equal there?

Answer: In the group we dress one on top of the other in a certain order, and eventually we all form a circle. We don’t need to think about it. It’s a predetermined structure that cannot change. Only the connections between us change: in what intensity does each one connect with the others. But we can’t change the order of who connects to whom or the whole network that is formed with the fall of the souls after the shattering. Its structure is determined from Malchut of Ein Sof.

We don’t change anything in reality! We only open or close the flow of the abundance of the Light, because after the first restriction, it depends on our intentions. But the structure of the system never changes. Even when we say that that certain spiritual Partzufim rise or descend, connect to one another and then separate, we are only referring to the passing of the abundance of the Light and not to the way that they are arranged in relation to one another in the general structure.

It’s like an iron structure in which certain connections can be broken, but it’s impossible to change the structure itself because it’s all built according to the ladder of the spiritual levels that spread from the top down. Even during the shattering the accurate order, which determines how the sparks (the Lights and the vessels) were divided, was kept. Just as before the shattering, the height was determined by the intention of bestowal, so after the shattering it’s determined by the intention for my self, according to an accurate egoistic order. This means that not only is everyone important, but he is absolutely essential!

In the group there are “upper” and “lower”: each one is both upper and lower compared to others, and together they all form a circle. Everyone is connected to one bundle by the intention of bestowal, although no one is equal to another. Perhaps by this you will be able to understand how different each one is from the others, and if there is something inside him that doesn’t exist in anyone else, and in this he is the head for everyone, it’s impossible to replace or to destroy a single attribute, because then there would be no wholeness.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/23/12, “The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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