The World Needs Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the common desire that encompasses all of humanity, great shifts and unifications occur all the time. This system lives and develops, and everything in it shifts and intermixes all the time like waves in a sea. For this reason, many people enter it, draw closer and then further away from the upper goal.

We need to bring together a mass of people (not quantitative, but qualitative) who truly will wish to acquire the quality of bestowal, the quality of the upper world, the inner force that forms the universe, along with the force of reception, the only force that acts in our world. I believe that we have reached this point, and not because we are so strong and special, but because the world needs this. Baal HaSulam wrote that he achieved what he has because the world needed a revelation of the method of correction, and not because he was special.

The same thing is occurring today. After Baal HaSulam there was Rabash, then me, and then you. This whole chain exists only due to the fact that the world has already “hit rock bottom” and exists in complete crisis.

And the crisis is extremely complex and horrid. We don’t see it; we are poorly informed about it and know almost nothing. If we would listen to what instructors, decision-makers, and different organizations and institutes are saying, we would gasp in horror from the threatening state that we are in.

All this is evidence of the fact that the world truly needs the upper force and its correction; there is no other way. This is becoming revealed more and more every day. Over the next two months we will find ourselves in a great financial crisis and will see Europe’s catastrophe, and over the next two years there will be an enormous ecological catastrophe. The winter that has begun also will bring about plenty “surprises.”

All this will force humanity to ask the question concerning the system of governance, the governing force, and what can be done about one’s own state and the state of the world in such circumstances when nothing helps. And then they will be forced to hear what we are telling them.

Thus the world needs us, and this is why we are given attention from Above. We are formed into the group, force, and system that will be able to tell and set an example for the world of how to correctly bring ourselves into balance with the upper governing force. And then in this harmony we acquire absolute existence.

The world will ask itself this question. In spite of the problems with food, heat, safety, and other things that are necessary for life, the world will ask more and more about the meaning of its existence. After all, when a person feels poorly, he does not ask how he can run away from or compensate for his problems, but searches for the cause of the suffering, their meaning, and why he experiences these problems at all.

We will very quickly be assured that in addition to various revolutions and protests in all the countries today, a new wave is rising in the world concerning the purpose of the existence of the human being who is so small and helpless before nature and what he himself has ruined in the world. We will see that we have a special purpose and a high predestination and for this reason we are being moved forward.

This was always the case. If there was no need to begin the correction in ancient Babylon, Abraham, a Babylonian priest, would not have turned into a spiritual leader. And the whole spiritual stream, all the religions and faiths, derived precisely from his revelation of the upper world.

We still will discover how much the world needs us. We don’t feel it yet, but we still need to prepare ourselves for this. This is why I put so much emphasis on dissemination.

When we talk about the intention for the sake of the friend and the group, we shouldn’t forget about the world because presently we are the carriers of the spiritual knowledge, the spiritual method. Each of us needs to feel obliged to engage in the upbringing of humanity.
From Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/27/2011

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  1. I hope we are ready, there is great searching. Great misery beneath the faces of the young. Smarter and stronger than ever, they can not be fooled anymore. Hopeless indulgence rules the day, with israel being the only ones with any peace at all. Can you imagine living today in the dark? And we complain? I can not imagine how I would be without the force, I would not be alive. I could not bear it.

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