Not A Matter Of Taste

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does the bitterness and sweetness of perception relate to the scale of truth and falsehood?

Answer: They are absolutely unrelated, but we are inclined to draw parallels according to our nature. It is the same for a child. The sweet is the truth, and the bitter is falsehood. He does not understand otherwise. This is why he will not agree to take bitter medicine. We need to overcome the bitter taste to reveal the truth above it, above the apparent falsehood.

Question: So how can we see the truth behind bitterness?

Answer: For this, we need the influence of the environment. Bitterness and sweetness are bodily sensations, and no one can tell me how I perceive them. I know what is sweet and what is bitter in my perception, but how can I distinguish true and false? Who will set these criteria? Would it be the mass media, teachers, social opinion, or some special group?

When I join a group and adopt its criteria of true and false, it is in a clear, sane, and firm manner. Then, these criteria begin to contradict the bitterness and sweetness of my beastly sensations. I join the group, submit to its importance of the goal, the importance of truth, and it acquires the highest meaning in my eyes. Then I  am ready to work, regardless of the bitterness. This work above bitterness for the sake of the truth means that I am advancing through faith above reason.

It is only possible to nurture the notion of truth in the group. It is because truth is when our interconnection is more important to me than any bitterness of my egoism. Let this value be artificial. In the future, I will leave the animate degree and go to a different state where sensations are not divided into bitter and sweet, but into true or false. Then an even “juicier” bitterness and sweetness will become revealed to me on the new degree, and once again I will rise above them toward truth and falsehood.

Every time truth, that is, faith, the power of bestowal, group unity, mutual guarantee, must surpass the bitterness that accompanies it.

Question: In general, all of my sensations are distributed on the scale of bitter and sweet. How can I distinguish true and false in my desire?

Answer: I perceive the truth and falsehood in another place. This is not where sweetness and bitterness manifest, but above it, on the human degree within me.

I perceive nothing but bitterness and sweetness on the still, vegetative, and animate levels. However, there is also the level of Human, the one who is united with the environment, with the group, who nurtures the part in him that rises above the body, is opposite to the body, outside of it, and comes from the other.

This is the vessel where we perceive true and false instead of bitter and sweet. There, a person perceives unity, mutual guarantee, his attitude toward a fellow human being, and finally, he perceives the Creator. Within this part, he creates his opposite copy. Thus, he creates the Creator. This is because the attitude toward the other and the Creator is the same.

Question: Then why do I need to perceive bitterness and sweetness at all?

Answer: How and where will I build my upper part? Within my desire that only perceives bitterness and sweetness, there is a point that allows me to form an intention over my desire, which is my attitude toward my neighbor or similarity to the upper one. This way, I build the Human within me over the still, vegetative, and animate levels.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/2/2011, “The Peace”

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