The World Arvut Convention – 12.06.11

World Arvut Convention, Lesson 1
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World Arvut Convention, Lesson 2
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World Arvut Convention, Lesson 3
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  1. Great lesson..
    In all, it is about stopping being dead?.

    Then how does a dead behave in this world?
    he is still and does not move from a centimeter. First or last centimeter it does not matter. It is stillness. And then with the next degrees, it all turns ugly for the senses

    In the same way death reigns inside while we are “called” alive.
    Emotion for this world and motion to the next world.

    Fantastic lesson today. Precise and subtle choice of words. No wonder it is called the speaking level.

    HaKol tuv rav vhaverim

  2. I really wish to thank all Friends for the preservation of this Convention in Archives. I had let my corpreality cause me to neglect attending the Virtual Convention, causing me to get behind & the feeling that I was going to be’ left behind’. One of my teachers at the LC and LIU told me that with the proper state of mind, one may still benefit by attendind through the Archive. ( The worst feeling in not attending the actual Convention was that I had really let the Friends and the Kli down. I hope this activity will help rectify that!) I look forward to seeing the rest of the Convention. L’chaim!

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