The World Arvut Convention – 12.07.11

World Arvut Convention, Lesson 4
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World Arvut Convention, Lesson 5
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World Arvut Convention, Lesson 6
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  1. Dear Rab Michael,
    Good afternoon.
    I do not mean to offend you in any way with this question, for I have been into Kabbalah for the past 9 months now. I even have just finished the 2nd semester Online Course of Bnei Baruch Education Center last month, and on my way to the Advanced Classes next year. I say kabbalah has greatly helped me already, and that I personally feel that God brought me to Kabbalah. Kabbalah made 2011 the most unforgetable year of my life. I am a 41 year old physician by the way. A cancer specialist at that.
    My question is, HOW COME YOU DO NOT SEE THAT JESUS IS THE MESSIAH WHEN THE OLD TESTAMENT IS REPLETE WITH LOTS OF VERSES THAT PERTAIN TO HIM? (Jesus was with God when He created the world, the world was created for Him and through Him, Jesus is the Father’s wisdom, all in the book of Genesis.)Are you just being like the Jews of Biblical times who refused to see Jesus’ deity, that they even cricified Him? I am not asking this because of religion or anything along those lines, for I also believe that religion is just cullural, nothing else. I just really want to know your thoughts, about Jesus in particular. Who is He to you/to you Kabbalists?
    Should you decide to come to Manila, please let me know. I would gladly welcome you in our home with my Family. It will be our honor. Thank you and God bless you teacher.

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