The Wonderous Force Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanUnity does not imply difference and separation, nor the numerous opinions and forces, but the action of one force: the force of unity, one opinion, one idea. If a person suddenly jumps out of unity into his own egoistic calculations, recollections, or thoughts (let’s say thoughts about household worries), the force of unity quickly brings him back.

People feel the common force of unity. It slowly draws them in, corrects, and engulfs them in such a way that later, on the basis of this, they begin to build their lives differently.

We need to understand that the force of unity holds us. It makes us and all of nature alive, up to the egoistic nature of our world, which only feeds off of the quality of bestowal. Otherwise, it could not exist.

By connecting to this force, we basically make ourselves healthy. I know of a lot of cases where a person really received a strengthening force, restoring his health.
From Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/20/2011

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