A Gold Mine Of Feelings

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What direction should we stick to for the convention to be as successful as possible?

Answer: We must try to find our most acute feelings from our joint actions and to cultivate them inside of ourselves constantly. We need to grow what we experienced in the desert, in the lessons, and while doing the preparation work for the convention now.

It is necessary to find these feelings inside yourself. It is not possible to express them in words. Hold yourself in these feelings more and more sharply. Somehow, wherever we may be and whatever we may feel, we need to elevate them above everything else, above all of the problems that arise, so that problems only strengthen the feelings that we attain from moments of unity.

Try to collect, constantly increase, and grow these feelings of unity in yourselves. In the end, these feelings will allow us to reach the feeling of the general quality of bestowal, unity between us. Within it, we will feel the upper world.
From Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/20/2011

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