Distance Is Not An Obstacle

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is not accidental that we are spread across the Earth and separated by great distances. We are created so purposefully. This comes from the fall of the Tower of Babel.

We need to use these elements of separation correctly so that regardless of them, we increase the connection between us. Therefore, those who are located far away from us should not feel that they are distant from us.

Unity is above the framework of our world. A person who is located somewhere far away may experience unity with everyone else even more sharply than someone who is here physically. His urge, his bitterness about the fact that he is far away from everyone, his acute desire to feel everything that we are doing, intensifies his emotions to such an extent that he is with us completely.

He can absorb absolutely everything that is happening at the convention. The most important thing is tuning our hearts to the same frequency: unity.
From Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/20/2011

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