Breaking Through The Shell Of Alienation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I break through the shell that does not let me feel the unity of my friends?

Answer: The shell can be broken only by hitting it repeatedly. I know from my own experience that it was only possible to reach unity by persistence, stubbornness, and continuous daily work over the course of few years. In our time, this period of time is becoming much shorter because the world is different, the pace is different. In any case, there are numerous actions to breaking apart this shell.

You must simply forget about yourself and enter the group. Being in it, you feel disturbances, a desire to distance yourself from the friends; you are in a kind of internal storm, you feel sick. This is not important. Stay inside to the maximum, regardless of everything! Get used to your feelings and stay in the group.

Do everything possible in order to come under the influence of others to the maximum. It is not important that you have all kinds of negative feelings, thoughts, and qualities in relation to them. The feelings, thoughts, and qualities arising in you come from Above on purpose, and that’s one thing. It is entirely another thing when regardless of them, you remain together with everyone. This is very hard, very difficult.

Later, you will see that all of your personal thoughts and qualities are those that you needed to get rid of and that all your wisdom, understanding, and personal attainment are worthless. You simply need to erase them in order to enter the group like an embryo into its mother’s womb. Then you will begin to develop spiritually. That is why you must keep trying with all of your strength to break through this shell.

It is giving in; it is cracking now. It will crack even more so when we get together, millions of people from all around the planet, separated physically but united by hearts. We really will get a great power in order to break through the Machsom (the barrier). Everything is moving toward this goal.
From Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/20/2011

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