NEWSru: International Arvut Convention In Tel Aviv

NEWSru - International Arvut Convention In Tel Aviv A leading news portal in Israel NEWSru has published a report about the World Arvut Convention that took place December 6-8, 2011 in Tel Aviv.

“The Arvut Convention In Tel-Aviv: A Union Of People Determined To Unify The Whole World

“Even without the knowledge of Spanish, French or Turkish one can understand what the participants of the World Arvut Convention, along with almost two million people actively studying Kabbalah around the world, talk about and try to achieve. But the convention wasn’t just a three-day holiday and happy get-together; there were lessons and lectures there. Arvut Olami in Hebrew means global mutual responsibility. The idea is that when each one of us is able to be responsible for his friend, neighbour, and even a stranger, our world will truly become better. While some people see this as utopia, Kabbalists consider it a science.

“Dr. Michael Laitman explains, ‘Mutual guarantee is a strictly accurate method of balancing inner nature with outer one, and it has a huge number of formulas, graphs, numbers, and relationships. It is practical physics, the physics of balance, of our homeostasis with the external world. One the one hand, what Kabbalah says seems to be just another utopia, but on the other, we’ve reached a massive crisis in our economic relationships, the breaking up of the family, divorce, and drug abuse, an all-round crisis. So there is really no other way for humankind other than to transform itself into a society of mutual responsibility.’

“The total number of people studying Kabbalah nowadays is estimated to be two million people worldwide. There are men and women, and age and social status don’t matter here as modern Kabbalah practitioners think that it’s time to let go of ancient limitations because the world needs urgent corrections that are only possible by joint effort. Otherwise we are heading for huge suffering, and no one will be able to avoid it.

“Michael Sanilevich, CEO of “Kabbalah La’Am” says, ‘Just in this past year we’ve hosted 17 conventions. In Israel we’ve been organizing them since 2002, with everyone coming here. We have students from 107 countries, today we’ve got representatives from over 70 countries. Around 10 thousand people registered and we have four thousand connections over the Internet, and every connection is anywhere between several people to several hundred people.’

“Chanoch Milvitzky, a lawyer, says, ‘We have many students from Arabic countries. For obvious reasons, they do not advertise the fact that they study Kabbalah because in any case, this is related to Judaism, to Israel. We also have Muslim students living in Europe or America, and they don’t see any contradiction in this. We aren’t a religious movement, we aren’t mystics, and we offer a method of unifying the followers of different religions. For example, when Michael Laitman gives a lecture in a university anywhere in the world, he is primarily considered as a scientist rather than a rabbi.’

“A scientific approach to spiritual practices can be observed here, behind the scenes of the convention, where the mobile studio is organized. Not only do they feed live broadcast to a local cable TV channel and the Internet, but they also accompany the study materials and speeches with simultaneous translation into several languages at once.

“In the stationary studio situated in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, they shoot films and TV programs. The movement of Kabbalists Bnei Baruch has already received the United Nations representative status, and they are preparing a book in partnership with UNESCO, which is due to be released this upcoming summer.

“Kabbalah originated 5700 years ago. Modernization of the ancient practice, just as modernization of the world, once again fell on the shoulders of the Chosen Nation. It’s hardly a coincidence that the Judaic tradition interprets the notion of ‘chosen’ not as an opportunity to benefit from it but as having a bigger responsibility than other nations.

“Jurgen, one of the participants of the convention says, ‘In Germany we think that Israel is the center from which unity will originate. Our political system is failing; the European Union will soon dissolve. We will go back to Germany and show our people that new times are coming. They have to start from here. If Israel doesn’t come to mutual responsibility, others won’t be able to either.’

“Ten people from Turkey came to the convention. One representative of this country, Mutlu, emphasizes, ‘We are not interested in politics. In Turkey someone might look askew at us, so what? A lot of other people in my country are friendly towards Israel.’

“Olga from Sweden tells us, ‘I have a son who is 16 now. A few years ago he asked his classmates, “How’s life?” And he was told that life seems quite empty. These are children that have everything. In Sweden children have everything. And then I understood that if even to them life seems empty… It means we’re ready. We are ready.’”

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