Questions About Co-Workers And Americans

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have a problem at work: Some people annoy me a lot, and I have to admit that I look down on them and feel myself to be better than they are. Should I just ignore things that they do and accept them and love them as if they were pieces of myself?

Answer: You have to love them no matter how repulsive they seem to you.

Question: If before correction we are all being guided unknowingly, like puppets, by the Creator, particularly the politicians and nations, then why do you single out America as if we are some rogue operator who, as you say, “is trying to destroy Israel”? Why do you make snide remarks about their intentions? If you have a problem with the U.S., rather than post such divisive rhetoric, why don’t you take your own advise and “go to the craftsman who made them”?

Answer: To help you overcome your arrogance and, using your influence over the world, to correct it as soon as possible.

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The Solution To The Crisis Lies In Rising Above The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (German Chancellor Angela Merkel): “German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there are no easy or fast solutions to Europe’s economic crisis, but the agreement by eurozone countries last week for more fiscal discipline was a good step.

“The German leader said while the path to full ‘fiscal union’ in the EU would be a long process that may take years…”

My Comment: This process will take years because only when people realize the futility of looking for solutions in old paradigms will they consider heeding a different solution, one that requires changing the way we relate to the world.

The world must understand that the new attitude toward life isn’t about constant and aimless growth. Rather, industry must satisfy basic necessities instead of promoting purposeless hoarding. This would also free people up to be educated on the next level of civilization: unifying above the individual ego of every person into a single whole.

Nature is pushing us toward this, and this pressure will only continue to build. In the past we have always developed by compulsion, as the ego developed within us. But we felt this development as desirable because we are inherently egoistic. However, now nature is forcing us to rise to the next level of our development, which is about rejecting the ego. And that is why nature gradually shows us that our ego is evil.

The choice is ours. We can advance toward rejecting the ego and building the connection between us under the coercion of blows, such as the present crisis, wars, epidemics, or natural disasters. Or we can arrive at the realization that it’s better to rise above the ego in favor of unity and an integral society before the ego fully reveals itself as evil. To this end, we need to institute a system of integral education and upbringing of the whole humanity. The task is far from simple, but it is the only way to avoid catastrophes.

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The Uppermost Ideal Is “We”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to unite? Is it by our thoughts or by practically hugging someone? What is the meaning of the concept of “unity”?

Answer: If you are talking about the ninety-nine percent of the world’s population, they need to understand that they have to unite on terms of equality and mutual concession. They have to realize that we are all in the same boat on this one, small planet that could explode any moment.

The concept of “unity” refers to the unification of all of our efforts for attaining agreement above all the differences that tear us apart. It is when we put collective interests above personal ones.

The uppermost ideal is “we.” All the rest is meaningless. It makes no difference who is right and who is wrong. First and foremost, it is “we”! This should be the basis for making decisions, organizing different actions, and creating plans and programs. Everything should be done only in terms of “we”!

Gradually, we are beginning to understand that we all are so different only so that this “we” will be rich and varied. Each of us still will be able to exist in it namely with his or her individualism.

Take any electronic system, and you will see that there are many separate parts, but they all work together. The collective idea exists above all opposite elements.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 12/11/2011

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The World Arvut Convention: The Point Of Unity, Part 2

Here some additional pictures from the World Arvut Convention in Tel Aviv, December 6-8, 2011.


Inside A Unified System

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If all the women of the world group really worry about the men’s advancement, will they be able to integrally influence the thoughts of the entire world?

Answer: Of course they will. This is because we are part of the world, and we are connected with it globally and integrally by millions of different networks, whether we want it or not.

The entire system of creation is so mutually interlocked that every thought, every desire is part of this system. You don’t give orders to influence or not to influence. All of our internality, all our desires and thoughts, our hearts and minds, are in this system. So undoubtedly, by being a strong internal part, we strongly influence the entire external world.

Inside A Unified System

Especially now, when we are beginning to attain the upper world, we will become a billion times stronger than anyone else. So the same kindness, cooperation, concern, and mutuality will gradually permeate the rest of the world, and all people will feel a need for it. They will begin to understand that nature is arranged in such a way that we all are interconnected and should be joined together by positive forces, by positive thoughts and desires.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 12/11/2011

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A Single Whole: “I, The Group, And The Creator”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When you return to the point of unity, what should be the correct internal movements in order to develop this point?

Answer: It is “I, the group, and the Creator.” You should try to feel them as something that has volume. “I and the group” means that I am part of the group and dissolve in it to such an extent that “I” becomes “we.” The Creator is also in the group. Together, we reach a state where there is neither “I” nor “we” nor the “Creator,” but rather all of us integrated into one whole. This is the point of unity.

Question: If a person sees that he has a great desire to care and think about others, is this the right attitude?

Answer: Yes, but this is not enough. There also should be the point of the Creator from Above. Otherwise, you are simply creating a group of people who care about others.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 12/11/2011

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Example Of The Creator On Our Lives

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to be like the Creator?

Answer: It is written: “Just as He is loving and merciful, so shalt thou be loving and merciful.” We have to gradually reveal the connection between us, which means to be like the Creator. We don’t have any other examples of how to be like Him. The Creator does not let us sense Him, He does not send us pictures, images, or documentary films of Himself. We can only imagine Him based on our lives.

Those that have attained the Creator tell us that His example in our lives and the form closest to Him is the connection with the group of friends, and the articles about the group lead us to this very special bond.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Advice For A Person Who Wishes To Correct His Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person use the concept of “love of friends” so that he’ll advance toward it even when he doesn’t feel this love and connection?

Answer: If you feel that you must advance in the direction of love of friends because by doing so you are correcting your soul, then you know exactly what to do.

However, if you are in a state where you don’t feel the need to obtain this love, then you have to search for advice that will help you reveal the necessity and the importance of attaining the love of friends. This is the only thing that exists. If “love thy neighbor as thyself” is the main rule of the Torah, then besides it, there is nothing else for you to fulfill. All of your actions, in mind and heart, have to be directed at obtaining greater love and connection.

It seems like a simple thing. We don’t feel the taste for this work, and we don’t understand what’s so special about it. We want to be engaged in more serious activities, and we don’t get the principle of love of friends.

However, if I realize that the matter of creation is egoism and that the only way I can work on it is by working on the connection between myself and my friends, then our connection becomes a field. If I use it correctly, it becomes a field that’s blessed by the Creator and if not, it becomes a field that’s lurking with thieves and predatory animals.

We may feel that this isn’t serious or important and that there are far more exalted goals in this world. We are asked to love each other as if we are asked to be good children. However, there is really nothing else besides this.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/2011, Writings of Rabash

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The Liberators

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe help from outside from the friends, group, teacher, and books are the necessary conditions, which you need to view as external forces, belonging to your soul. Everything outside a person is his soul.

If you connect to these forces, ask their help so they pull you out of yourself, out of your ego, you see that in your entire soul, existing around you, there are no closer to you and more important parts than your friends. Only these external forces can pull a person out of his prison cell, from the shackles of his ego.

Now it is clear why the group and love of friends are so important. After all, they are the closest to you, special parts of your soul, given to you by the Creator so that with their help you break out from yourself.

The closer I become to them, the more I draw them towards myself and seek them: I do not do to others what is hateful to me and I love the friends like myself. This way I acquire the vessel of my soul (the property of bestowal), which belongs to me.

According to the perception of reality, everything that a person sees he sees within himself. His eyesight and feelings are divided into internal and external, but this is just his impression. And then, at the end of correction all is connected into one. But for the time being, this division is present in all the elements, and its correct use is a springboard into the spiritual world.

That is why Baal HaSulam writes in “Preface to The Book of Zohar” how thankful we should be to the Creator that He divided our reality into internal and external in such a way that we see the world around us, although it is all inside. It seems external to us, and although it is an illusion, it helps us psychologically treat it as strange, external forces and use it to exit our ego and reach bestowal.

I was given the illusion that all my reality is divided into myself and what is outside me, which is not mine. In this form, I can imagine the ego, in which I exist, and the intention to bestow, in which I do not exist yet, in the example of this imaginary reality divided into an internal and external part. And then I can work with it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/16/2011, Writings of Rabash

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