Why Should We Quote Scientists?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In dissemination we use scientific materials. What scientists say is true. What is the difference between us and them? What do we add to their message?

Answer: With the help of different scientists we explain the general picture of reality to humanity: the beginning, the process, the end of its development, and human egoism that has become global these days and demands that we connect integrally.

We classify scientists and experts according to different fields: biology, zoology, geography, social sciences, or economics. These are respectable people, they have a reputation, and their opinions are very similar to our message. Therefore, we publish their ideas on our sites and in our materials. It helps us establish a strong basis upon which we can build the other part of our explanations.

On the basis of scientific evidence, with the help of scientists, we pave the way to the masses, to humanity. When scientists confirm that we are right, they enable us to tell about global and integral processes that oblige humanity to act.

Every scientist is limited to his field. He describes only one aspect of a phenomenon, part of the picture, but unfortunately he doesn’t present a full, global picture. On the other hand, we speak about the matter of creation: the desire and its comprehensive development by the Light. We are not limited by the traditional scientific frameworks. Experts from different fields usually don’t understand one another, but we are dealing with one, whole, and complex science.

Humanity divided knowledge into separate disciplines only a few centuries ago. Until then, there was no such division, and scientists studied different fields. They were true scholars. But eventually human knowledge expanded to such an extent that a single person cannot perceive it all. So we had to create an artificial division into different disciplines.


But the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t divide nature and reality into separate parts. In our circle we perceive sciences from different disciplines, whether it is physics, biology, or economics. We want to show people that the world is “round,” that the current crisis includes everyone, and that today we too have to be “round” and to connect.

Therefore we draw the scientists to our field. At the same time, however, their materials should be published on the Internet independent of us. After the convention we will begin to build a massive system of virtual dissemination so that all our groups around the world could start working on it.

We have to put pinpointed scientific data on wider and more general bands. Today for example, we talk a lot about the economic crisis. However, the economy is a copy of our ego, and the economic problems indicate that the crisis affects every aspect of our life. We want to make people aware of the general evil, and not to settle for local “clarifications.” We want to show them their need for correction.

When we talk about the measures that need to be taken, the Light enters the picture. The explanations don’t come from scientists alone, but from us. We describe the general approach to what is happening, we base it on other sources, and then thanks to the Light, people suddenly begin to understand that the good life they yearn for is something else, not what they thought. They realize that good life is bestowal, an ascent to another dimension. And it is the Light “nested” in our explanations that will bring them to that.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/2011, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose”

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The Paradigm Of Balance

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe love that the science of Kabbalah reveals to us is a principle of nature. We have to view it as the fundamental force, without which no form of life would ever have emerged.

Two objects can exist only by virtue of mutual bestowal, mutual compassion, balance between them according to equivalence of form, attraction toward one another. Even on the still level of nature, opposite parts—protons and electrons—exist together in one system called an atom, a molecule, and so on.

When uniting more, they begin to work together on the vegetative level, with photosynthesis and other mechanisms inherent to it. There is an exchange of substances and systems accompanying it, and between them—mutual consideration of each other’s interests. After all, they also can’t exist without two forces: attraction and repulsion, reception and bestowal.

Next, on the animate level, these systems of reception and bestowal no longer co-exist within one object, but between different bodies, which have to unite to produce offspring. They depend on one another, help one another, and by virtue of that, life goes on.

Even if this happens instinctively, by nature’s orders for now, we already see how two opposite forces interact in balance with one another. As a whole, the entire complex of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature is entirely balanced, and all its parts depend on one another.

However, man differs from these systems greatly: the force of attraction, of reception, stands out in him drastically, being an evil force that he does not balance with the good force. This separates man from the animate world. We stand out in it precisely by means of the evil force instilled in us, which wishes to consume more and more, to acquire and rule. As a result, we become stronger than nature, even though in reality this is a petty advantage.

After all, nature is wise and the two opposite forces in it are balanced. To cause general progress, it activates these forces one after another to develop them while preserving the general balance. On the other hand, man, with his sole, excessive egoism, towers above the animate level, above balance, like a steeple, rising exponentially higher and higher.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/11, Writings of Rabash

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The Remote Control Over The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn The Book of Zohar, we read about the upper system in the same way that we would read about the design of some electronic or mechanical system. We just read and become connected to it, but we don’t get it going.

Putting it in motion is not the same thing as knowing how it works. It’s the same as when we run various systems and work with them without knowing anything about their design. Suppose I have a system in front of me. I have been taught which buttons to press and which way to turn the levers in order to operate it. The less I know about the inner structure of the system, the better. At least, I won’t become confused.

In a similar way, we must know how to operate the upper system. Then we act according to the principle of “by Your actions we know You”: Based on our actions, we begin to see this system, understand, feel, and establish a connection with it. We are just like a machinist who gets to know the character of his lathe as opposed to some other machine and discovers the properties of the metals which he uses for turning different shapes. He knows, hears, feels, and even smells odors coming from the machine. He can lick a workpiece and tell you what metal it is made out of just by the taste.

Thus, from actions, we begin to learn about the system. First, we are taught which “buttons” to press, just like we teach a child: “Look, if you press this button, the light lights up. If you turn this lever, the car starts moving.” This is the way we begin learning about the world.

The same thing happens in the spiritual world. We learn about a system that is extremely diverse, multifaceted, and complex. It has an infinite number of elements and connections, connecting all the souls together in all the situations, not only in this world, but in all the upper worlds as well.

This is something we are not capable of imagining. The entire system cannot be correlated by our minds because the connections, dimensions, and everything that exists there are beyond time, motion, and space, and faster than the speed of light.

Regardless of all of that, we still can set this system in motion so that it influences us. We don’t know how it works, but we can operate it. This is how we often use nature. For example, there are many “grandma’s” cures that are passed from generation to generation. Do we know how they work? No, we only know that they help. In the same way, animals find a needed herb that can cure them. They don’t get confused, unlike us with our pharmacies and drugs.

Thus, we must know what will help. We need to “press the button” and get an answer. It is not easy. I don’t know what is explained in The Zohar, but by reading it together with everyone else, I have an opportunity to arouse the system so that it works on me. On the other hand, if I don’t “press the button,” it won’t work on me, but it will influence all of reality in general, the whole of humankind. I must awaken it for it to work on me personally.

Thus, by reading The Book of Zohar, we “press the button” for the system to act upon us personally: both on our group in general because we read this book together, as well as on every one of us individually. Let’s try to set this system in motion.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/28/2011, The Zohar

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We All Believe In Something

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn articles like “The Essence of Religion and its Purpose,” Baal HaSulam refers to more sublime things than a certain religion. “Religion” in this case is one’s attitude to life, the perception and the feeling of reality. How is reality depicted to me: externally or internally? Can I see the difference between the two?

Can I be certain about what I feel? Can I rely on my mind and emotions? Do I perceive the situation correctly, or am I trapped in blurred feelings? Could it be that everything isn’t really as I see and feel it? How can I check the credibility of my image of reality? How can I understand the phenomena I perceive in this picture? How can I use them correctly? Where do I find these criteria? How can I look at myself from the side, objectively? All these questions and many more are part of the concept called “religion.”

In our ordinary life, religion is our attitude towards a certain concept that we have created for ourselves by ourselves. Almost every person in the world wants to believe in something that he doesn’t know or feel, something that he cannot test logically.

It’s convenient from the egoistic point of view to make up theories that will help one sweeten his life a bit. The answers cannot be tested, no one knows whether they are true, and each one has a theory of his own. At the same time, a person feels good with it, he suffers less and feels that what will be will be. After all, we cannot ascend above our realty and actually check and analyze it.

We need another science, another concept that comes from Above, from outside our nature. I don’t know what it means to be really objective because no matter how you look at it, I am always in my own desire, in my mind and my emotions. How objective can you be? If we take all the options into account, all the desires and the thoughts, all the sciences in the world, we will still not reach objectivity.

So in our present situation we will never be able to determine the right approach, the right outlook of life. This is why we cannot answer questions about the meaning and purpose of our lives. We shouldn’t be ashamed of these questions, but we cannot answer them because we are in a very limited position.

We don’t know how the universe was created and what preceded it. We don’t know how it develops and what drives the natural evolution of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature on earth. We don’t know anything about the process we are going through and how it will end. So, no matter how much we discuss it and the assumptions we make, it’s all worthless. No one can prove that it’s the truth. People can say that, but no one actually has any facts.

This means that we don’t need another system, but a true revelation of the upper force that operates reality. Until we discover it, we should not rely on anything.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/2011, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose”

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A World Born In Merciful Waters

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The crisis keeps on getting worse. The capitalists are going bankrupt, and those who work for them are going to be left without a job. We are seeing the world collapse. Who will save us from a complete demise?

Answer: Those who have ruined everything will correct everything. There is no one else who can correct this, but the Creator. He increasingly ruins our lives until we want to find out who is causing us harm. Then, we will become acquainted with Him and learn that He can correct everything.

It is like a father who manipulates a son who does not wish to know him. The father brings the son to such a state of dependence where the son is left with no choice but to come to his father. The father seems to be cruel, but he wishes his son a good life, while the son is interested in other places, and not the best ones.

The father goes to all these places and spends a lot of money there. At one club, he asks them not to allow his son in. At another club, he asks them to beat him up. At a third club, he asks them to humiliate him, and so forth. Why is he doing this? After all, it is costing him a lot of money and pain, but all of this is done so that his son would return home.

Having seen that he cannot be happy in any other place, the son wants to cry out and beg his father to arrange a good place for him. The father has a wonderful place for his son. The son did not want it before, but now, after so many disappointments, he suddenly recalls that his father had offered him a wonderful thing. Then he comes and asks for it.

Now, everything depends on whether we will go to check out all these places that we visited in our past during our natural development and will receive the correct answer in every one of them: a slap in the face. These slaps can be horrible catastrophes and wars that will make the current bankruptcies look like nothing.

What is the big deal if someone goes bankrupt? So, he had millions written down somewhere in the bank and now he does not. What is the difference? It is very abstract. The money is not real, but virtual. Today, there is no real money in the world. No one has it. We see that even entire countries do not have money. Everything is only on paper.

And if so, we discover that we have no choice but to attain bestowal. After all, we will only be able to perceive life in the form of bestowal, the connection between us. Otherwise, we will consent to it after a deadly beating, the so-called labor pains of the Messiah, a very difficult birth.

We want to be born properly and easily. This is possible! Everything depends on us, and this is why the wisdom of Kabbalah was revealed. Essentially, it helps us to be born properly, to have a simple and merciful birth, and to come out easily, straight, and “with the water.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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