A World Born In Merciful Waters

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The crisis keeps on getting worse. The capitalists are going bankrupt, and those who work for them are going to be left without a job. We are seeing the world collapse. Who will save us from a complete demise?

Answer: Those who have ruined everything will correct everything. There is no one else who can correct this, but the Creator. He increasingly ruins our lives until we want to find out who is causing us harm. Then, we will become acquainted with Him and learn that He can correct everything.

It is like a father who manipulates a son who does not wish to know him. The father brings the son to such a state of dependence where the son is left with no choice but to come to his father. The father seems to be cruel, but he wishes his son a good life, while the son is interested in other places, and not the best ones.

The father goes to all these places and spends a lot of money there. At one club, he asks them not to allow his son in. At another club, he asks them to beat him up. At a third club, he asks them to humiliate him, and so forth. Why is he doing this? After all, it is costing him a lot of money and pain, but all of this is done so that his son would return home.

Having seen that he cannot be happy in any other place, the son wants to cry out and beg his father to arrange a good place for him. The father has a wonderful place for his son. The son did not want it before, but now, after so many disappointments, he suddenly recalls that his father had offered him a wonderful thing. Then he comes and asks for it.

Now, everything depends on whether we will go to check out all these places that we visited in our past during our natural development and will receive the correct answer in every one of them: a slap in the face. These slaps can be horrible catastrophes and wars that will make the current bankruptcies look like nothing.

What is the big deal if someone goes bankrupt? So, he had millions written down somewhere in the bank and now he does not. What is the difference? It is very abstract. The money is not real, but virtual. Today, there is no real money in the world. No one has it. We see that even entire countries do not have money. Everything is only on paper.

And if so, we discover that we have no choice but to attain bestowal. After all, we will only be able to perceive life in the form of bestowal, the connection between us. Otherwise, we will consent to it after a deadly beating, the so-called labor pains of the Messiah, a very difficult birth.

We want to be born properly and easily. This is possible! Everything depends on us, and this is why the wisdom of Kabbalah was revealed. Essentially, it helps us to be born properly, to have a simple and merciful birth, and to come out easily, straight, and “with the water.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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