We Are Facing The G20 Again

Dr. Michael Laitman1. The development of computer technologies and automation in developed countries have freed thousands from the production of essential goods and services.

2. The availability of cheap labor in Asia brought the relocation of industry to Asia.

3. In order to avoid unemployment, western governments began to create artificial jobs in public service and to increase consumption, which led to the growth of the national debt.

4. Still unemployment grows because it is impossible to create limitless artificial jobs as the national debt cannot grow endlessly.

5. But the new unemployed citizens demand a solution for unemployment blaming the government and the corporations.

6. The investors don’t invest in industry in such unstable conditions, which causes further growth of unemployment.

7. Because the economy has become global, unemployment is also becoming a global problem.

8. Under such circumstances, it is time to reexamine our attitude to the question of how occupied a person should be and to determine what society would look like under the new circumstances.

9. The unemployed should be regarded as students and their studying should be regarded as work beneficial to society.

10. The studies should include the following subjects: the principles of correct child education, the psychology of family relationships, home economics, the structure of society, the evolution of society, globalization and global interdependence, and global ecology and the need to preserve nature.

11. Changing social consciousness of such great masses will bring about a change in attitude among other parts of society and the media, and the world will advance towards greater harmony and balance between its parts and with nature.

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