The Day That Decides Your Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt all depends on a person and is based on the creation of means for spiritual advancement, that is, on building the environment. Through this environment, a person draws the force that reforms him. By building his environment, he essentially builds his future spiritual world.

Being included in this environment, a person begins to feel that he exited his ego and is included into his fellow human being, whom he loves as himself. He comes out of himself and instead of his inner world, which he felt as “this world,” he feels the upper, spiritual world in the society, in the connection between everyone.

And inside this spiritual world, he reveals its property: the property of bestowal that fills it, that is, the Creator. Everything begins with this first change called “the beginning of the year” (Rosh Hashanah).

Before that, the person has done extensive preparatory work: He tried to form the environment around himself and draw the forces that would change him, fulfilled everything that was written in the books, and disseminated this knowledge to others to increase the number of people aspiring to the goal of creation. In this way he increased the total, cumulative desire to reach the goal, and it started to affect him more powerfully.

Nevertheless, he sees no success. Kabbalists write a lot about this condition, this point, this stage on the path. It is a special critical point called the “day of judgment,” when it is decided whether you will advance or fall, sentence yourself to life or death.

In fact, a person determines this decision by his previous work: whether he managed to build for himself the group‘s support and to receive from them the force of mutual guarantee so that they hold him against harsh judgment, that is, immense egoistic desires, which get revealed in the person and which he cannot resist on his own.

It is clear that we cannot stand against the egoistic desire that gets revealed in us, even against the smallest one. And only due to the power of the environment, through it, will we be able to receive the upper force. It is said that “the Creator dwells among His people,” meaning that the power of the connection called the Creator dwells in the connection between the souls, between the friends.

The Creator is the general property of bestowal, which we collect in parts. That is why the Creator is called “Boreh,” which means “come and see (Bo-Reh).” After all, we have to approach this state and see this phenomenon inside our desires.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/2011, Shamati #167

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