The “Layer Cake” Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot manage our world today. I want to correct certain things in the financial system, the economic system, commerce, or in the relationships between nations, people, and a husband and a wife—and I can’t. There are certain plots, additional obstacles, and conditions, which I don’t take into account, and so I don’t succeed in anything. I lack knowledge; I don’t have a clear connection with the new world that is suddenly revealed to us, and I cannot be in clear contact with it.

Where does it stem from? It stems from the degrees that descend into our world from the world of Infinity. These degrees are already in us, they exist within us. They also appear under the influence of Reshimot (informational genes). That is, the forces of bestowal that are revealed to us are also inside me, in my perception of the external space. Yet these are not the egoistic forces anymore, but rather the forces of bestowal, and this is also my “layer cake,” my internal feeling of the world; it is also me. All this is within me. There is nothing that is outside of me.

“I” is actually the soul.

If I begin to divide myself this way, I begin to see that today’s world helps me. The “evil” egoistic force seems to appear in us as the dark past. And the altruistic force appears too. These layers are revealed in me: I begin to feel them not simply outside me, but within me. This is why I am “confused,” so perplexed, and I cannot find my way around in today’s world.

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When we begin to understand this system and to find our way around in it, we see how it happens with other people. We understand that a “multilayer cake” appears in us like this: the informational genes from the past, from the present, and from the future, the egoistic powers of the past, the feeling of the present, and the indefinite, incomprehensible feelings of the future—the attribute of bestowal, the attribute of connection.

The layers that appear in me are not connected into one system yet, and this is why they are called “our crisis,” the separation between these parts. The crisis is called “integral” because it doesn’t let us see the connection between all the parts—we don’t have it in us. This problem will persist until we learn to control it.

Where is the problem? On one hand, I drew a question and a crisis, and on the other, I called the same thing “the soul.” In other words, today we are actually on the path, at the stage, and on the degree of discovering the soul within us. When we will unite all these parts within us, we will see a very interesting picture instead of them: We will see that we are made up of three lines.

On one hand, the egoistic forces are the bottom part of the cake. The altruistic forces, or the bestowal, are the upper part of the cake. The middle force is the connection between them; it is when we collect all this inside us and can work with them together. The middle part of the cake will connect the altruistic plus and the egoistic minus and will be able to work with them. This is actually all our work—in the middle line.

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So today, with the crisis and the internal discord, we are about to discover our soul. Of course, the world is still very far from this. It will not discover it this way, but with our help, in much simpler ways, by joining us, and so on. We are about to discover this and should continue to advance towards it. It is all part of our nature.

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The building of the screen and the formation of Partzuf takes place after the First Restriction. Our future state is already in this Partzuf. The Partzuf is made of the head that decides how to correctly connect the two parts in us: the part in which we can bestow and the other part in which we cannot. Rosh (the head) is above that, and thus it manages us.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 9/25/2011

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