How To Bring The Light To Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe structure of the world can be pictured as a pyramid with several layers. On top, there are the people with a point in the heart. Such people lived throughout all times aspiring toward bestowal because there is “a point” (a spiritual desire) inside their “hearts,” meaning in the desire to receive. With the help of these two “reins,” they can move forward using the environment to invoke the influence of the force of bestowal upon them.

All the others have no point in the heart; their desires are directed toward regular self-enjoyment. However, after those with a point in the heart are being filled with the Light, it passes through to the next layer as well.

This layer consists of different people, including scientists who can accept the message about the integral world. They see that we are right from their research. A knowledgeable person sees what is going on and understands the need to sustain an integral approach because nature presents us with this inescapable fact. And there are many thousands of people like that: scientists, economists, sociologists, political scientists, and so on. We have to cooperate with them by all means.

Apart from that, there are “the rich and the powerful of this world,” such as politicians and tycoons. We can only reach them indirectly with the help of scientists who will confirm the dilemma facing the world: wars and fatal fights on one hand and unity by necessity on the other. It’s in this way that we’ll get another audience that can be addressed: the financial and political elite who have something to lose.

In addition, politicians and the rich have a new problem: People start to hate them. After all, the crisis on streets is happening while they are at the wheel. Not so long ago having wealth was a cause for respect, but now wealth has become hated. This phenomenon will escalate to the point of brutality, and they will feel its heavy pressure.

Together with scientists, we can suggest a solution to them: Because there is no other choice, it’s necessary to start with gradual changes in society. Don’t do any sharp moves, only introduce global education. It’s essential today.

In this way, we can reach the main layer of the pyramid: the public, the masses, who need to “sit at school desks,” meaning they have to be introduced to a system of education about the laws of the new world. This could be easily done because unemployment will reach unprecedented levels very soon, and the economy will halt, except for mechanisms providing basic needs. Many people have already stopped spending money on luxuries. A great number of people will be left without things to do, and they will have to be sent to study. For them it will be a job as well. A person working in the sphere of basic needs will not be any different from a person receiving global education.

Gradually, a new system will be built. Suppose that everyone will be working for half a day, and the other half of the day will be dedicated to studies, and from that, a salary will be accrued. Such a pyramid will be in sync with the demands of the evolving global network of the world.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/2011, “One Commandment”

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