125 Degrees Of Our Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the mutual guarantee be used as a coefficient in a formula? Is it really possible to measure human relations: 50% or 75% of mutual guarantee?

Answer: Of course relationships can be measured: There are 125 degrees of mutual guarantee (the same 125 spiritual degrees of which you have probably already heard). Everything can be measured precisely because according to the way that a person relates to others, every soul consists of RoshTochSof (head, inner part of the body, and limbs), and here are parts that he restricts and parts that he uses partially, half, or quarter way.

There is no problem with measuring the mutual guarantee in spirituality—it corresponds to your degree. And are you are asking how we should evaluate the mutual guarantee in the economics of our world? Mutual guarantee does not and cannot exist in our world. The first degree of mutual guarantee is a spiritual degree.

Right now we are in a transitional period called “the time of preparation,” preparing for the entrance into the spiritual world. When I say that the mutual guarantee needs to be entered as a coefficient into the economic formula, I mean that the entire problem with the breaking and the crisis we are now experiencing is the fact that we lack one parameter from a higher degree.And when we acquire it, we reach peace, fulfillment, and balance for a certain time. And after  each time, we will feel like we have lost this balance—the lack of mutual guarantee and economic instability.

This will keep happening on every new degree, until we reach a state when every person suffices with the necessities needed for living, which he himself will determine. At the same time, every person will give the maximum to the extent of his abilities, and he will also determine this maximum himself. This is how corrected everything will be.

But if a person has not yet reached this state, the desires that he is not yet able to work with are being guarded. And this protection is not imposed by his forces since he is not yet capable of it; it is done through the environment, which pressures him. Baal HaSulam explains that the society of the future will be evaluating how much every person needs as well as encourage people by giving them medals, influencing people with encouragement or judgment.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/2/2011, Shamati #219

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