Are These Excuses Or Solutions?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “From the Trachtenberg Committee’s Report: …Summer 2011 echoed with slogans and lit a spark of hope for Israeli society: The voice was raised about the diseases that have accumulated and piled up in recent years, as well as the hope to bring about a profound change that will allow a more just society to flourish, the society founded on solidarity and fairness towards a person who works hard to earn his living and contributes his part for the benefit of everyone, the society built on values, common to all sectors.

“Social justice is the coordination between normative behavior, contribution, and effort of the individual and the reward he receives. Social justice means equal opportunities during development stages, then, fair competition, and later, basic security and respect after retirement.

“Social justice means that when misfortune strikes a person, a society will help provide him with the basic necessities and affordable and honest existence. The realization of social justice and the common denominator—values—by way of thought-through statements is the most important thing in the approach that should guide the implementation of the desired changes in the Israeli society.

“The source of some illnesses of society is in global phenomena and partly in globalization, which powerfully and rapidly intensifies relative advantages in ways unfamiliar to us.”

My Comment: No material injections will solve our problems, not to speak of the feeling of social inequality. In a small country, these feelings are exacerbated like in a close family. The main problem is a lack of sense of family and unity in the common effort to survive. The country is torn apart by accumulating contradictions, and internal divisions are constrained only by external hatred.

The injection of necessary funds will not ease social tensions because the program of our development is to come to a society of mutual connection and guarantee, concession and love. This requires education and returning to our roots. Only the implementation of the Creator’s plan—to create a cohesive society based on Arvut, guarantee—will lead us to peace among ourselves and with the world, even with our neighbors. The root of the problem is in us.

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