Long Live The Non-Indifferent!

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam writes that every phenomenon in the world is valid. That is why we mustn’t destroy or liquidate it, but correct it. However, on this path we must act in an organized manner, without fear and without hiding. The world has entered a phase of development where we must reveal all the cards: our goal, our creed, and our original sources upon which they are based.

It’s all right if people don’t accept it right away, but their hatred for us will compel them to get acquainted with our method. Their non-indifference will serve them well. In the meantime, the world is developing at such a rapid pace that in just a few months they will see that we are right, and they will gradually begin to draw closer to us.

We should make use of this period when they are set against us. Indeed, everyone who isn’t indifferent already has a connection to us. It may be negative, but a connection nonetheless. We know that conflict compels me to study my opponent so as to defeat him, but in the meantime, I’m connected and involved.

The problem lies with those who are indifferent, whereas those who are against us are actually our closest partners. We must relate to them as the revelation of ego in a specific form so that we could correct it.
From Lesson 3, the Germany Convention 8/6/2011

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  1. This is true. In a way hatred does serve its purpose in motivation. Because, at least then, I have always found that those who hate pay a whole lot more attention to me and try to copy me, more than someone who is indifferent.

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