We Demand Our Own Correction!

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople come out to the demonstrations because they don’t have anything. But all of the corrections can only come from the Light. Today we are already in a global, worldwide process where correction is impossible with the help of any government. They just don’t have any instruments to accomplish that.

The instruments of the new, global world come only with the Light that reforms. It is in our world that we have to realize all of the changes that Kabbalah talks about, and the world will feel and understand in practice how the upper Light influences it through us.

Without that Light, we won’t find a single solution to our problems. We will only draw ourselves into wars so that eventually this path would bring us to reveal the need for the Light. The first thing that the people holding strikes on the streets should be shouting is, “We demand the forces for our own correction!” That’s because uniting with one another is the only way we will receive everything we desire—whether you’re a mother with young children, a senior citizen, or a doctor.

The world has entered a crisis of such proportions that it has nothing to give you! For example, the demonstrators in Greece began with threats. But the government had nothing to give them, and it wasn’t hiding anything. The fact of the matter is that the developmental process is unfolding in order to convince people of the need to start the correction. That is why it is revealing the evil of our existence in this world to us. This is the essence of what is happening today.

The entire world must now understand several new principles. Firstly, we are all connected, and the crisis we are experiencing today is global. The world itself has become global, and we can only come out of the crisis by virtue of unity.

And there is nothing for us to demand from the government. We will receive everything only on the condition that we unite with one another. Just like being in a group, I can only receive its force if I lead it to unity.

The crisis has a higher cause: It is the Light influencing us and revealing the breaking between us. Therefore, not one person in our world has a solution to this crisis.

We solved all of the previous crises by finding a greater means to humor our growing egoistic desire. But today a completely different era has set in. Today the Light is revealing the lack of connection among us. And only be taking certain steps toward establishing that kind of connection will we be able to improve our state. Then every person will receive what he wished—but it will only happen through the attainment of connection, unification, integration, and mutuality.

Therefore, all of the forces that aspire to protectionism, division, and isolation, are aimed against correction, and there is nothing worse than that because by that they move humanity closer to war.

The only thing we need is the Light that reforms. A person who studies Kabbalah attracts the Light with his studies and work in the group, whereas a person who does not study has to attain some kind of understanding and awareness of the situation, the need for unity, mutual guarantee, and brotherhood. That is how we will bring ourselves to goodness.

Everyone has to achieve at least some kind of small understanding of this. But the primary work is incumbent upon those who actively attract the Light because the world receives it through them. Therefore, all of our students have to become even stronger and correct themselves even more so the Light we attract would influence everyone.

This is the predestination of a person called “Israel”—both those living in the state of Israel and all of our students all over the world. Every person whose point in the heart has awakened and who has joined our group, is obligated to think about this.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/9/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. I agree, having an opportunity to do something great for the world and not doing it, would be squandering the best of life. I use to think, when I was younger that I’d be smart enough to find a cure for cancer or save the world in some way like that, not that it isn’t a great aspiration to have. But, I see that correcting myself is the quickest way to do that and a great achievement too!

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