The New Grammar Of Power

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Javier Solana, the European Union’s former High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, a former Secretary General of NATO, President of the Global Economic and Geopolitical Center ESADE): “Because interdependence exposes everyone around the world in an unprecedented way, governing global risks is humanity’s great challenge. Think of climate change; the risks of nuclear energy and proliferation; terrorist threats (qualitatively different from the dangers of conventional war); the collateral effects of political instability; the economic repercussions of financial crises; epidemics (whose risks increase with greater mobility and free trade); and sudden, media-fueled panics, such as Europe’s recent cucumber crisis.…

“Interdependency is, in fact, mutual dependency – a shared exposure to hazards. Nothing is completely isolated, and “foreign affairs” no longer exists: everything has become national, even personal. Other people’s problems are now our problems, and we can no longer look on them with indifference, or hope to reap some personal gain from them.…

“We must learn a new grammar of power in a world that is made up more of the common good – or the common bad – than of self-interest or national interest. These haven’t disappeared, of course, but they are proving to be indefensible outside of a framework capable of addressing common threats and opportunities.

While the old power game sought the protection of one’s own interests with no concern for those of others, overexposure forces reciprocity of risks, the development of cooperative methods, and the sharing of information and strategies. Truly effective global governance is the strategic horizon that humanity must pursue today with all its energy.”

My Comment: Millions of smart analysts in the world draw correct conclusions: One can govern the world only considering its complete interdependence. But how can we consider it? Who can lead society and the world towards correction, towards an integral (mutually interconnected) state? This person or a group of people must be in such state, meaning be corrected. When the world needs such guides, it will find them.…

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