The Force That Arises From Opposites

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we prepare internally before going out to disseminate externally?

Answer: We must aspire to unity above all differences and chasms between us. I perceive certain people as completely antagonistic, others as hating me, and still others as distant in terms of their worldview, beliefs, and sensations. But I put a restriction on all of these feelings; I don’t use any of my negative responses. Instead, I want to build a feeling of connection and unity above it all.

It is written: “Love will cover all sins.” This means that the negative (–), the ego, all the transgressions, are below, and they are covered from above by the positive (+), which is love.

The difference or discrepancy between us creates a force of resistance and the ability to overcome, or to use Kabbalistic terms, the screen and the Reflected Light. It appears from the opposition of the two poles within me.

That is why we don’t eliminate our ego, but cover it with love. The sin remains—now we merely need to use the method of correction and add a screen.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/12/2011, The Zohar

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The Truth Will Suddenly Begin To Reveal On Its Own

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person clarify his own purpose when studying?

Answer: When a person is not connected to a teacher, there is nothing he can do. He will go around in circles and will not attain anything. This happens from one generation to another. It was always required to spend many years listening to what the teacher said.

However, today time contracts, and we see changes happening around us with a constantly increasing speed. The same pertains to Kabbalah. A person who knows nothing about it now could become connected to the method of correction with his heart and soul in another month or two. Another couple of months after that, he could be thrown from a bad state to a good state and back.

However, no matter what, the method of correction must be revealed, and whoever has revealed it for himself wants to reveal it to the entire world. The ease of understanding and taking in the method depends on the size of the mass of people studying it.

They will simply suddenly feel from within that things are exactly the way that Kabbalah explains. What once required significant effort and strenuous thinking on behalf of a person until he came to see a certain image, it now will simply happen on its own.

It is similar to the way we see the young generation master modern technology. For example, even being a technology professional, I still have difficulty mastering new computer and phone features. I do it out of necessity, but I have no interest in it because I pertain to the past generation. I have to think strenuously and study the manual to use it, while a small child can take a cell phone, press the buttons, and call. He was born ready to use these toys.

They are new reincarnations of the souls, a revelation of a new desire that includes the records of the experiences of all the past lives (Reshimot). How things work is naturally clear to them. I have seen so many times the way young people do not even read manuals to use certain tools. They press some buttons and learn the way things work.

The method of Kabbalah needs to start being perceived in the same simple manner. Even though it seems to be separated from our corporeal life for being spiritual, it will still be revealed. Once it begins to spread through the masses, everyone will naturally understand that this is the way things are.

They will understand that if the evil of egoism is contained within us, it does not let us live. Then, we need to use the power of goodness, and if we play with goodness, we will attain it.

Today, people are protesting in the streets against a bad life, so let us place a good environment for them there. We should use this desire to exist and live in a new society, more connected and unified one, and people will begin to attract the Light that Reforms. If we also give them some Kabbalistic materials, everything will naturally become revealed to them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/11/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Turn All Of The Evil Potential Into Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanLove can only be revealed to the extent of hate, as it is written: “The Creator has made them one against the other.” Beginning our spiritual path (from zero), we first descend to a given depth of the desire to enjoy (-1), then we ascend from it (+1). Then, once again, we descend even deeper (-2) in order to ascend even higher (+2), and so on.

Everything is built on the revelation of evil and turning it into good until all of the steps are realized. The place where we reveal our egoism and its transgressions to a greater and greater extent remains. It does not disappear, but we reveal the Mitzva (commandment) above it.

It is written: “The Creator has made them one against the other” and the “advantage of the Light is from the darkness.” That is why, even when we ascend all the 125 steps and reach the absolute good, the evil that has been revealed by us does not disappear. Otherwise, all of the Light would disappear as well.

We are created from matter opposite to Him. Desire created by the Creator is very tiny, like a small seed. Everything that we reveal in addition to this desire is only thanks to the intention.

First, we reveal our evil, the intention for the sake of ourselves. All of the good is accompanied by the intention for the sake of bestowal. All of development is built on the realization of our evil, our opposition to the Light. It is not the desire itself that is being developed, but the realization, the comprehension of it.

The ego being revealed is not the desire itself. The desire with which we live in this world, in and of itself, is not bad or good. It is neither condemned nor praised. Only the intention is important, which arises in me relative to others or the Creator (which is the same thing). It is what gives me the depth of desire (Aviut), not the desire to enjoy in itself.

It is necessary to separate one from the other, to carefully think it over and try to accept that we are constantly working on the intention, correcting our relationship to the desire and not the size of the desire itself. In other words, this work is not evaluated by quantity, but by quality.

It is written: “A transgression does not put out a commandment,” and a “commandment does not put out a transgression.” This is because both of them support one another. The evil does not disappear, and it is precisely on top of evil that we build all of the structure of good. This is because we are the creatures, and if our realization of evil and of who we are were to disappear, we would also have lost all of the good.

My “I” is built precisely opposite to the Creator: The more opposite I perceive myself, the higher I grow, and accordingly, I can give more to Him. In this case, I will have a demand, the sensation of the contrast between the Light and the darkness, which gives me a possibility to carry out great bestowal.

That is why we need to value the revelation of evil since it is solely by the virtue of the evil that we can reach the good.
Fr0m the first part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/10/2011, Shamati #52

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Protests As A Manipulation Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Haim Misgav, an attorney and lecturer of law at the Netanya Academic College, Israel): “This is not a friendly protest. …this protest comprises too many components that are empty of substance, infuriatingly hollow, anarchistic, and seemingly innocent….

“However, this protest is unfriendly …because of the manner in which it emerged and because of the ultimate objective hiding being it. Unfriendly elements… feed it with slogans and lies from the moment of inception, wickedly and maliciously, motivated by a clear intent to topple a government elected at the ballots. Organizations hiding behind seemingly innocent names whose funding sources were never fully (or at all) publicized are funding this protest….

“That’s the essence of these artificial protests. Demagoguery and more demagoguery coupled with the dissemination of baseless hatred against certain strata or sectors…. Their only purpose is to undermine the existing order and create a “new world” – one that is anarchic, radical and seemingly liberal, just like in Stalinist Russia.”

My Comment: Earlier, during the time of the USA and USSR opposition, Israel was essential to the US, and it benefited from it. However, afterwards, as the opposition ended, the need for it has ceased to exist. Further, it has become a stumbling block in the creation of a union of the USA and all of the Arab world, headed by Saudi Arabia. According to the new USA scheme, they need a connection with radical Islam. In this way, they will be able to continue maintaining their interests in the world political game.

But the laws of nature are not set by the politicians and ceasing their support of Israel, the United States, as a great power, will harm itself because it goes against the laws of human development towards a united integral society.

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Support And Example

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity is sick. However, it is not enough for us to simply cure the patient without him knowing about it, the way it happens in our world when a person takes medication without knowing how it affects him. On the spiritual path, every person must acquire understanding and perception and attain the depth of the entire universe. Every person must connect to himself the entire, enormous desire of all the souls, learn about the common system, and start bestowing to them. In other words, we must come to the realization of all of reality.

This is why our organization’s primary goals are education and enlightenment. We must build a drop of semen into a person similar to the Creator. We must help him, support him, and provide him with all the necessary tools and instruments. Then, every person will build himself and acquire similarity to the Creator in their qualities.

Our objective is to lift every person, open and shape him, and help him with his development. He must act on his own, but we help and support him.

However, for now, we must be patient toward everyone who goes against us and only provide them with proof and materials to get them acquainted with the situation according to their level of understanding. We need to bring them out of being in a state of individual “short-circuit,” and give them an opportunity to look at themselves from the side. This is our objective.

To realize it correctly, we first must unite above all the differences, disagreements, and discord, regardless of what goes on inside, as it is written: “Love covers all sins.” We need to set an example for the people and show them how we work with each other in harmony, love, and unity.

All this is for the sake of the goal. Nothing else can unite us. If not for the goal, we would not connect with one another. However, the goal obligates us. This is why we all unite and invite the entire world to do the same. Scientists discover, common sense points out, and world tendencies show that it is only possible to build a safe future in an integrated interconnected world through common unity, and not by fighting.
From Lesson 3, the Germany Convention 8/6/2011

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Kabbalists On Spiritual Work In The Group, Part 12

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

Principles of Spiritual Work in the Group

There should be careful watch in the society, disallowing frivolity among them, since frivolity ruins everything.
– The Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, “Purpose of Society (2)”

Only one’s friend can uplift one’s spirit, turn around one’s bad mood so that one begins to acquire confidence and wealth once more in life and feels that the goal is now near him.
– The Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, “They Helped Every One His Friend”

To be integrated in one another, each person should annul himself before the others. This is done by each seeing the friends’ merits and not their faults. But one who thinks that he is a little higher than the friends can no longer unite with them.
– The Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, “Purpose of Society (2)”

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.19.11

Shamati #7 “What Is the Habit Becomes a Second Nature in the Work
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Preface to the Book of Zohar, Item 1, Lesson 1
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