The Truth Will Suddenly Begin To Reveal On Its Own

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person clarify his own purpose when studying?

Answer: When a person is not connected to a teacher, there is nothing he can do. He will go around in circles and will not attain anything. This happens from one generation to another. It was always required to spend many years listening to what the teacher said.

However, today time contracts, and we see changes happening around us with a constantly increasing speed. The same pertains to Kabbalah. A person who knows nothing about it now could become connected to the method of correction with his heart and soul in another month or two. Another couple of months after that, he could be thrown from a bad state to a good state and back.

However, no matter what, the method of correction must be revealed, and whoever has revealed it for himself wants to reveal it to the entire world. The ease of understanding and taking in the method depends on the size of the mass of people studying it.

They will simply suddenly feel from within that things are exactly the way that Kabbalah explains. What once required significant effort and strenuous thinking on behalf of a person until he came to see a certain image, it now will simply happen on its own.

It is similar to the way we see the young generation master modern technology. For example, even being a technology professional, I still have difficulty mastering new computer and phone features. I do it out of necessity, but I have no interest in it because I pertain to the past generation. I have to think strenuously and study the manual to use it, while a small child can take a cell phone, press the buttons, and call. He was born ready to use these toys.

They are new reincarnations of the souls, a revelation of a new desire that includes the records of the experiences of all the past lives (Reshimot). How things work is naturally clear to them. I have seen so many times the way young people do not even read manuals to use certain tools. They press some buttons and learn the way things work.

The method of Kabbalah needs to start being perceived in the same simple manner. Even though it seems to be separated from our corporeal life for being spiritual, it will still be revealed. Once it begins to spread through the masses, everyone will naturally understand that this is the way things are.

They will understand that if the evil of egoism is contained within us, it does not let us live. Then, we need to use the power of goodness, and if we play with goodness, we will attain it.

Today, people are protesting in the streets against a bad life, so let us place a good environment for them there. We should use this desire to exist and live in a new society, more connected and unified one, and people will begin to attract the Light that Reforms. If we also give them some Kabbalistic materials, everything will naturally become revealed to them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/11/2011, Writings of Rabash

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