Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.19.11

Shamati #7 “What Is the Habit Becomes a Second Nature in the Work
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Preface to the Book of Zohar, Item 1, Lesson 1
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  1. On page 202 of The Zohar it says:

    This is similar to a state where we are filled with tears of compassion for another person. Indeed, all that exists in our world exists because it derives from its spiritual prototype, and all that transpires in this world, transpires only because it stems from its Upper, spiritual root.

    Does this also mean that The Creator’s compassion for us because we have desires and hatred in this world, is to give us the light or opposite to alleviate it. Otherwise, how is compassion shown to us if we don’t have our suffering and light is given to us?

  2. Also, when we have suffered from our desires and hatred and we pray to The Creator and then see the world as a good place, is this called “mercy” from the Upper Light?

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