The Protection From All Troubles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we keep the right intention in our regular day to day lives? And how should a person react to the troubles that befall him?

Answer: It is written that a person has to make all the possible efforts to reveal his connection with the Creator and with the world, no matter what happens. “If I don’t do it for myself, then who will do it for me?”

He still doesn’t understand the causes, but in the end he must perceive everything taking place as necessary and as the best possible thing for his spiritual advancement. He has to ask his group and the whole world group to think about each other so not one of us would lose the connection with the upper force in his thoughts, with “There is no one else beside Him.”

As soon as we unite in the connection between us and together with the Creator, then nothing bad can happen to any of us. That’s because we enter the process called “carrying out a commandment” and a person who carries out a commandment cannot be harmed.

If a person makes a correction, then no one can harm him. Even if he gets into a descent, it will be a descent for the purpose of ascent and correction. It will be a descent without which an ascent is impossible!
From the 1st lesson at the Dead Sea Convention on 2/24/11

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  1. This rings true to me.

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