On The Way Towards Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe rise to the world of Infinity from our world. This path divides into two stages: the first is called “trepidation,” and the second, “love.”

During the first stage we correct our egoistic desire in the zero, first, and second degrees of Aviut, and during the second stage we correct it in the third and fourth degrees of Aviut. The lower part is Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE), the upper part is AHP. And together it is the vessel of a soul.

Trepidation means that there is one main worry behind thousands of concerns: Whether I will be able to not receive? As a guest, I worry about managing not wanting to receive the host’s treats. He tries to persuade me, but I refuse over and over again. In other words, time after time, I acquire the screen to an increasing Aviut of desire until I rise above my entire Aviut (which is called Mount Sinai) and acquire the quality of trepidation. Now I rise over all the receiving desires and become ensured against receiving egoistic pleasure.

Then I begin to become mutually included with another: “What does he want?” I see what he wants as well as the degree of my ability to do something for him. I acquire his desires, his Kelim, and I provide for him in my Kelim. Now I act the other way around: I reverse my Kli in order to receive for my neighbor.

A mother takes care of her children in the same way: She does everything to fulfill them. This is how her love manifests. Hence, love is about me never taking anything from others, never stealing, or hurting others. This pertains to the previous stage, trepidation, the first stage of the correction of Kelim.

Hillel, the sage, said the following to a “stranger,” meaning an egoistic desire, with regards to this: “Do you want to come closer to bestowal? Go ahead. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Rise above your receiving Kelim, and then you will never hurt anyone.”

And then comes love’s turn which Rabbi Akiva referred to as the general rule of the Torah: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This means that you take the desires of others and unite with them in order to fulfill them.

This way, love, in its true spiritual sense, cannot be reached without a considerable preparation.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/11 on Love

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  1. What does it mean that you take the desires of others and unite with them in order to fulfill them?
    How do i know what the desires of the others are?

  2. Hillel and Akiva are good men. The path is correct, self control is the foundation of correct behavior, but it is not eternal restriction, but ‘tuning’. The greatest success for the WTR is when it is like a key for the WTB. It is actually what the blind WTR is seeking the entire time, how to get what it really wants. Sadly the WTR initially is blind and cannot see how to get there just knowing how strongly it wants ‘whatever’ it wants. The restriction gives clarity, quiet, for the mind to aim and tune with utter computational precision, and when the WTR is then ressurected in full form and perfection, it achieves what it always wanted, with grace and power so rare we call them stars, for they emit light, having received so utterly much as to have some to give. Strive to be a star, for they are the source of all light, those in bestowal, they hold up the entire world.

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