Destined (Doomed) To Be Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can the WE! Convention affect and improve the general situation in the world, which is now going through such a difficult time?

Answer: Hard times haven’t begun yet.  We do not yet realize to what extent this connection is suffocating and stripping us even from a smallest free action. It’s horrifying to find oneself in this situation, in the condition where everybody is in the grip of his or her egoism, hatred toward others, and egoistic calculations.

You suddenly feel that you are confined by thousands of chains and are dependent on the faintest breath of the people that you are totally indifferent to. How can one possibly exist in a state like that at all?

We have nowhere to run: We cannot divorce and distance from each other. On the contrary, our connection will become increasingly tight and will turn into a total interdependence literally in everything.

When mass media tells us about the events that take place around the world, we think that we simply observe them as onlookers. But in truth I depend on each gallon of oil produced in Libya, on everything that’s happening in France and Turkey, and so on. In other words, it’s not even my neighbors, but everything that occurs at the other end of the world, and it’s impossible to hide from this connection.

Hence, we need to finally realize that the wisdom of Kabbalah gives the world the method of correction without which humanity will be lost and cease to exist.

Kabbalah teaches us how we can attract the upper force. We ourselves do not have the strength! It explains to us how we can reveal the upper force which will bring order into our relationships. After all, we have no idea how to establish peace and order in the world and are only coming closer to a total war, which is also described in Kabbalah as a possible route of development if we do not attract the force that unites us.

During the forthcoming convention we have a special opportunity to bring into the world the force which will effect it and us in a benevolent way. Without it, we will see how the world is going down at the formidable speed and in a very unpleasant direction.
From the Lesson on Inner Preparation for the WE! Convention 3/10/2011

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