A Science Beyond Limits

Dr. Michael LaitmanPhilosophy refuses to rely only on scientific experiments, and sometimes it draws conclusions only based on human imagination. Even a totally abstract theory, when one considers his intellectual conclusions to be above actual fact, is also considered to be philosophy.

As long as you work as a machine, as a scientist, based on strict facts, you will not make mistakes. However, as soon as you separate from them and start “philosophizing,” your conclusions become worth nothing. This is what Kabbalah states.

On one hand, Kabbalah seems to lower a person, turning him into a “machine” which operates according to a simple system. But on the other, it is ready to present him with new possibilities, new instruments of perception. However, it warns that we must not rise above our rationality because we will make mistakes. It offers us new research tools in order to reveal the world further.

The human mind reaches “to the skies,” but one cannot rise above this limit; this is its limit. External sciences go to this limit, but do not continue beyond because one will begin to philosophize. Instead of this, one has a possibility to further continue his scientific experiment with the help of Kabbalah.

The reason for the eternal struggle between Kabbalah and philosophy is because philosophy intrudes on the area where Kabbalah operates. External sciences do not go there. They strictly work within their field: research in the egoistic instruments of knowledge.

However, today, we are reaching a special state when science is reaching its “sky,” its limit. Kabbalah wants to continue the scientific experiments with man beyond this limit, using the same strict principle, but relying on obvious facts, on “what your eyes can see.”

This is why it needs to expel philosophy from this area and show that there is no place for it there. After all, philosophy goes there with fantasies, and Kabbalah comes with actual research instruments (the property of bestowal).

Granted, to research this area of reality, one needs to have new organs of perception and a new approach based on the force of bestowal instead of reception. This is why Kabbalah is called a higher science. But it is nevertheless a science!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/28/201o, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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