Who Will Pave The Way To The Creator?

here.jpg A question I received: How do you tell if a person is ready to study Kabbalah or if it’s too early or potentially harmful for him yet?

My Answer: A person’s own desires will show him his path, as it is written, “Let a person study where his heart desires.” Therefore, Kabbalah never lures people in; it actually even pushes them away to determine if their heart’s desire is genuine.

Even when a person feels that he is finding all the answers in Kabbalah, it still doesn’t mean that he is in fact studying Kabbalah. Most people join our studies not exactly understanding why they have chosen to do so, similar to how in our world most people live by “whatever happens, happens.”

Such a person participates in the studies and even succeeds in acquiring knowledge. However, this knowledge is external because he doesn’t aspire internally to change his likeness to that of the Creator. And that is about 99% of the people coming to study Kabbalah. While they do carry out the intense job of correction, only a limited number of them have a persistent internal concern about the question regarding the goal – the precision and execution in attaining it.

Therefore, even those who engage in Kabbalah with a question about the meaning of life often remain entrenched as others in facing normal life challenges. They might even settle for religious observance or secular dogmas.

No matter who comes to study Kabbalah, we need to understand that the pyramid of desires in people is structured this way and therefore, it’s enough to have a limited number of people attain unification with the Creator. They will pave the way to Him for the others.

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