Time Compressed Into A Point

clip_image001A question I received: If human history is just a movie that exists only in our perception, then why is it so long?

My Answer: It’s not long, since in reality – there is no time. Time is Reshimot creating this movie inside you.

Once you connect to everyone else, you will compress time so much that all actions will happen very quickly, one right after the other. You can either feel time like a star that exists for billions of years, or like a little bug that lives for just a few hours and dies; everything depends on your sensation of time.

We feel time only because our egoism switches on, stretching out time between actions, between Reshimot. If not for our egoism, Reshimot would externalize instantly, without any intervals, and would all be constrained into one point.

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  1. Dear Rav, This comment is with regards to the above “time compressed…”.
    I read and reread this blog concerning the compressing of time. This whole thing about “there is no time” makes my brain ache. In fact, I feel like my brain is crushed like a soft fruit. I feel like a mental pain, like I am going crazy!
    Every time the subject of time is mentioned I feel like my brain is being stretched to the limit and it is going to burst. However, the example you gave us about living time as a star in the heavens or living time or life as a bug helps me a lot.
    Thank you for explaining about compressing time.

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